COVID-19 Scatter Brain Solutions

Quarantine day whatever we are on, I can’t even keep count and I haven’t been trying. My stay sane mantra has been, one day at a time. It’s been a real challenge to stay grounded and remain focused.Calming Ground

As I’m sure many can relate, the unknown anxiety has been coming for me in unpredictable waves. It’s the hardest when I am alone, like allll by myselffff! It’s during the alone times that I struggle the most, with no one directly in front of me, other than myself, to take care of.

When I’m alone, my brain flutters around randomly and unpredictably, crafting unlikely scenarios that will upend life as we know it. The logical part of my brain assures me, everything is going to be alright, while the irrational side of my mind is trying to forecast and prevent catastrophes far outside of my, or anyone else’s control. Worry is such an unproductive endeavor, so why won’t my mind stop wandering?

Under COVID-19 isolation, some days I struggle just to get out of bed, to find joy in ordinary things, to maintain “normal” under circumstances that are anything but normal.

Grounding techniques that have a calming effect on my scatter-brained mind in our abnormal world:

  1. Counting my blessings. They are everywhere, you just have to want to see them
  2. Practicing Daily Yoga: Kassandra’s YouTube routines are my favorite
  3. Daily exercise! I am a runner at heart BUT I need more than just me time with the road. Resources:
  • Lafayette’s Momleta (formerly Baby Boot camp) is offering online group fitness!
  • Personal Trainer Sara Milam Noel is offering donation based online routines
  • Body Factory Lafayette (my JAM) is another great online resource to keep fit at home!
  1. Remaining connected with trusted friends and voicing my struggles
  2. Creating a new routine when I can’t leave the house. Example: Set an alarm, get up, get dressed, make the bed, fix a cup of coffee, and create a to-do list for the day.
  3. Reading books, the old school kind that require you to turn a page
  4. Stepping away from Social Media & limiting news intake
  5. Going for walks outside
  6. Taking short breaks every hour to refocus.
  7. Laughter. Keep laughing, it’s infectious!
  8. Focus on what you CAN control.


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