Daycare is Potty Training My Kid

My sweet Annie is proving to be the definition of a “strong willed child.”

She also just might not give a crap. It’s hard to say exactly what goes on in her beautiful little head most days … she’s only three! Regardless, Annie was the last kid in her class to potty train. For whatever reason, she just couldn’t get it. I gave it my all. Then daycare took over. Her sweet teacher approached me one day asking to send her in a pull up with big girl panties on top. By all means, go ahead. But really, I found this to be extremely kind and helpful. Annie is my second kid, and that changes things. If this had been my first baby, I would have been absolutely MORTIFIED, like left daycare crying, mortified.

However, Annie is my baby.

Her rules are different because of her birth order. It is what it is. I’m calmer and less worried about my baby than I was with my oldest. I also appreciate each stage a little more than I did the first go round.

I tried to get Annie to “pee pee” on the potty constantly.

I spent many a Saturday cleaning up pee and poo after accidents in our big girl panties. We did “the smarty pants dance,” gave lots of chocolate, and handed out lots of wipes to “help momma clean up this mess.” Ultimately, I threw my hands in the air and deemed her not ready for potty training, but her teachers felt differently. To be honest, at this point, they had more faith in her than I did. She’d still be in diapers if they hadn’t convinced me she was ready.

Her teachers just knew she could do it.

Annie’s life is going to be full of people that push her. Some will push her to be better. The ones who push her in the opposite direction are the ones who terrify me. So let someone push your children to be better. Even when it’s hard, even when you’ve tried and failed. Often a different approach is exactly what our kids need.

And so it began, every morning, a fresh pull up with panties on top.

As her teachers arrived, they’d take the pull up off, and start getting her to go potty. For a few weeks, we went on like this. I sent lots of new panties and pants to school over this time, one accident after another. Then one day, my girl was in the same clothes all day!! The next, she was asking to potty at home!

Finally, I knew it was my turn to try again.

Armed with lots of chocolate, lots of cheap panties, and a strong willed mindset (I will not be beaten by a three year old!), we got busy one Friday.

Day 1: successful trips to the potty – 0. Oh what fun potty training is.

Day 2: It was like something clicked in her little head. 2 accidents all day!!

Day 3: Annie did great all day, then after nap, literally lost her s***. She was testing me, while smiling, giggling, and playing. We began time out (and maybe a visit with the spanky spoon) if she had an accident. At this point I knew she could do it! After a couple of accident clean ups, she was back on the potty!

Day 4: Off to school in her big girl panties! One accident. I’m calling her potty trained! Hallelujah!

Keep the faith mommas. Parenting is hard work, no matter what stage you’re in.

Kendra Courville
Kendra, originally from Alabama, has called Lafayette home for more than 20 years. After her time at LSU (Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Elementary Education), Kendra moved back to Lafayette to marry her love, Justin. She has been married to Justin for just over 8 years. They have two daughters, Lillian who was born in October of 2011, and Annie, who was born in January of 2015. Kendra also has a Boston Terrier, named Mister. When she's not busy teaching and planning for her 3rd grade reading classes, Kendra enjoys hanging out with Justin and her girls, family, and friends. She also loves Jesus, coffee, cooking up both healthy and unhealthy meals (it's all about balance y'all), a good workout, and reading.


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