Good Eats Kitchen :: Making Healthy Eating Easy for Busy Moms in Acadiana

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Good Eats Kitchen but all opinions are my own. 

Good Eats Kitchen :: Making Healthy Eating Easy for Busy Moms in Acadiana

Mom is synonymous with the word busy. If you’re a mother, either working or stay-at home, you have a lot on your plate. And sometimes what’s on your plate isn’t always healthy because you’re eating on the go. I live each day by the seat of my pants. I usually don’t know what I’m going to eat for lunch until lunch time. And sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me more time than a drive-thru. As good as Chick-Fil-A is, it’s not good for my fitness goals.

I tried a few ready-to-go meals and liked them, but the recipes weren’t enough to make me want to eat them every day. I’m a Cajun; I’m hard to impress when it comes to food.

When Good Eats Kitchen opened here in Lafayette not long ago, I was super curious. I stepped into their Oil Center location days after they opened and was greeted with a smile. We visited and I learned that they are a local, home grown business. I personally love to shop local. I then asked for suggestions on what to purchase and could tell just by the presentation that these meals would be different than other ready-to-go meals.

Having my lunched planned for the week was so nice. It was one less decision I had to make, one less place I needed to drive to and it didn’t give me an opportunity to splurge at a restaurant with appetizers, dessert, and a tip.

Not only does it save me time and money, the meals are flipping delicious. Compared to other ready-to-go meals, the quality is unmatched. The recipes are thoughtful, unique, and flavorful enough to make a plate lunch loving Cajun enjoy eating healthy. And if you haven’t got anything else in your life figured out, you at least know what you’re having for lunch. They have breakfast too! Most days I don’t eat breakfast until I get to the office so a GEK meal is perfect for this.

Back to the time saving aspect – I fully intend to take advantage during a week like Thanksgiving. Do you ever grocery shop, unload everything, put it away and then order a pizza because you don’t feel like cooking or lifting a finger otherwise? Instead of pizza, pop a Good Eats Kitchen meal in the microwave. If my lunch is waiting for me in the fridge at the office and will take me 15 minutes at the most to eat, I’m going to use the rest of my lunch break to run a few errands for the holidays. When you’re a working mom, you learn how to make the most out of every minute of your day because the last thing you want is to be spending your weekend on a to-do list.

Here is what busy Lafayette moms should know about Good Eats Kitchen ::

  • How does it work? You can pick up the food or have it delivered. You can call in and prepay for them to hold your meals. They offer phone and online preorders for both pick up and home delivery.
  • When do I order? Place your weekly order by 2:00pm each Friday for a Monday delivery or pick up. You can visit the store during business hours and shop the items in the coolers. Or you can utilize On Demand delivery during business hours through the Waitr app. Another advantage to visiting the shop is that they run a weekly Chef Feature and Poke’ Bowl Feature to keep things fresh.
  • How much is this going to cost me? Their average meal is $10, with breakfast options around $5. You could eat three meals per day, a “snack” from the GEK pantry, and typically a Kombucha in the afternoon for a daily average of about $33-35 / day for all food consumed. I would say that for less than $50 you could have lunch for the week locked down. Order online and have it ready and waiting for you on Monday morning or delivered for an additional $2/meal with a $10 max charge for delivery. 
  • Why should I use Good Eats Kitchen? Life will always be busy and demanding. There will always be a to-do list waiting for you. You wouldn’t think making one less decision for yourself like, “What am I going to each for lunch/breakfast today?” would impact your life in such a positive way, but I’m here to tell you that it does. I’m down for anything that will make me more productive and healthy!

Check out Good Eats Kitchen in The Oil Center near Pascale Spa and get excited because Youngsville is getting a new location soon as well. Good Eats Kitchen is about to have all of Acadiana eating well – even us busy moms. 

Simone Ancelet is a native of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and as a result, a crawfish boil enthusiast. She graduated from ULL with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities and a minor in French Studies. Honoring and preserving her Cajun culture is important to Simone. Her husband Louis is a native Cajun French speaker, and Simone is an alumna of the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia where she spent five weeks immersed in the French language. Their fun-loving twin daughters, Isolde and Lissandre, have just begun their French immersion education at Myrtle Place Elementary and their baby boy, Elias can best be described as a ray of sunshine.. The Ancelets are settled in Scott, Louisiana AKA The Boudin Capital of the World. As a young full-time working mother, Simone is navigating work/life balance while trying to advance in her career and raise tiny humans. She enjoys perfect weather, laughter with friends and family, South Louisiana festivals, and story-telling with dramatic hand gestures. Simone is eager to share the joie de maternité and her passion for the Cajun heritage with her readers.


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