How to Make this Decade the Best One Yet

This last decade has been filled with getting married, having 3 children, building a house, opening and closing a business, graduating from college, tons of mistakes and lots of lessons. It has been one for the books for sure. But, now that my kids are growing, my faith is growing, and my retirement is also growing. I am looking forward to topping all of this in the next 10 years.

10 things I’ve compiled that I think will make this decade the best one yet:

1. Lower your expectations

One thing my dad has always told to me for years was to lower my expectations. I thought for the longest time that it came with a negative connotation when really it is exactly what I’ve needed to do for some time now. Stop expecting YOU from other people, it just isn’t realistic. Don’t harp on the shortcomings of others. Just move on.

2. Be intentional

Time is precious, we need to stop wasting it so much on things that aren’t important. We need to spend our time doing things with a purpose. We need to live with then mindset, that if something isn’t serving a meaningful purpose in our lives then we need to cut that out. Stop over committing, stop saying YES because you feel like you have to. Sis, you don’t have to explain your decisions to anyone.

3. Declutter

Allie Casazza’s podcast – The Purpose Show really opened my eyes to the art of decluttering. It all boils down to the simple principle: more stuff equals more stress and less stuff equals less stress. We don’t need STUFF to fill voids. Stop cluttering you life and houses with all that junk. For me, decluttering doesn’t just means the tangible things but also the emotional things. Get rid of the yuck that fills your mind. Forgive yourself for your shortcomings, say bye to unhealthy relationship. Cultivate what matters. Link To Allie’s Site

4. Spend more time with family

Call your grandmother if you are still lucky enough to have her, go drink coffee and visit. Hangout with your cousins that you played with in the yard. Spend time with your momma and tell her how much she means to you. Go to dinner with your dad; he sacrificed so much for you. Make it a point to reach out to your siblings, they are the greatest gifts that your parents ever gave you.

5. Find an exercise regimen

Yes, this one is hard. But, it is so worth it. Over the last 10 years I trained with a personal trainer 2 times and lost over 50lbs. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, it is the only one you will ever have. I plan on getting better acquainted with my workout routine again this decade. Taking care of your body is so important. Kids depend on you. Be healthy for them.

6. Drink more water

This one goes hand and hand with number 5. It is SO cliché. But for real, DRINK more water. My co-workers will probably get a kick out of this one, I always stress to them the importance of water. Digestion regulation, blood pressure regulation, it benefits your skin, it benefits your urinary system. Get yourself a cute little water bottle from amazon, or if you want to get really serious I recommend investing in a hydro jug. It holds half a gallon of water and comes in the cutest colors. Hydrojug Link Here

7. Be positive

Another hard one, I know. I think the kicker to this one is realizing that sometimes life is just hard. We can’t control many situations, but we can control our reactions. If your husband gets a speeding ticket for the 50th time, be grateful that he wasn’t injured on the road. When your child is sick, be happy for the opportunity that you can stay home to nurse them back to health. With the negative, there is always a positive.

8. Go on dates – without the kids

Emphasis on WITHOUT THE KIDS. Ladies, put effort into your relationships / marriages. Those babies need to see you and your partner united. Those times without the kids are so necessary. Adults need time too! Whether it be once a week or once a month, do what makes sense for you. Just be sure to make the time. It is so important to have that time together to reconnect and get on the same page without any distractions. Nurture your relationship.

9. Less social media

Yep. I said it. I am guilty of being sucked into the never ending drain of social media. It is not all bad, but we ALL need to take a break from it. We need to take it down a notch and do things a little more old fashioned. Spend time with those you love, catch up with them in person and put those phones away. You don’t have to snap everything. Not EVERY move you make needs to be announced. Go off the grid for a while and see how refreshing it is.

10. Go the extra mile – volunteer, reach out, think of others

I am passionate about letting others know that they are not alone. We need to show love whenever it presents itself. Whether it be volunteering at a local shelter, fostering a dog, donating to a go fund me, just do something from someone else. I love sending random cards to friends of mine just to know that I am thinking of them (two currently in the mail). Such a small sentiment could have such a huge impact. People love to be thought about. People love others to care. Caring costs nothing, and the results are priceless. Go the extra mile for those you love. Put effort into the relationships that matter to you.

Wishing you the happiest decade yet! 

Courtney Henry
Courtney is the wife of Daniel Henry, her high school sweetheart and is the mother to Aleana, Avah and Daniel. She works and resides in the Frog Capital of the World-Rayne, LA. She is a graduate of LSUE and a former boutique owner. She is a self-proclaimed planner addict who loves brownies, Saints football and would rather not be wearing shoes (even though she has a closet full). When she’s not chasing after kids she’s furthering her education and reading. She could live off coffee and cookies, although it would be frowned upon.