I Don’t Have A Costco Card

Shocker, right? Sometimes I think I’m the only one of my friends who doesn’t have one. 

I don’t know how many times I get told, “You can get that at Costco.”

I mean, yeah I could get that at Costco, but I have to go across town. I have to make a special trip. I have to pay the yearly fee. I have to fight traffic and most of all I have to find time. Honestly that’s just more work than I want to even think about.

I am a creature of habit. I like to stay in a 3 mile radius of my house and do all of my shopping right there. Small, local stores with the occasional large grocery store run once a week or two are my jam. I don’t really like to venture out very far if I don’t have too and I as note above ~ I REALLY do not like traffic.

I also don’t shop in bulk. When my older four kids lived at home, I would be all over that, but now it’s just the three of us. Truthfully, we don’t eat nearly enough to shop in bulk. Not only that but I downsized my home and I don’t have as much storage space as I used to. So just another reason why I don’t shop in bulk.

But every once in a while someone shares an amazing Costco deal and I think to myself … am I missing out? So tell me what’s your favorite Costco finds.

Am I really missing out? Would my life be complete if I added a Costco membership to it? 

Carlie is a divorced mom of five. She moved to Lafayette 22 years ago from a small town in-between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. She has four young adult children from her first marriage that ended after 19 years, Christopher, Cara, Clay and Cade. She has a one year old daughter, Poppy Mae with her significant other, Joey. She is a work-at-home mother who is a freelance writer and photographer/owner of Carlie Anne Collective. Organized chaos and tons of lists are her style. Carlie loves to workout, travel, visit with her friends, bike with Poppy Mae in their neighborhood, attend outdoor concerts, eat out at local restaurants, walk aimlessly through stores looking for good deals and swing in her hammock while chatting about her BST addiction with her online friends. She keeps an active Instagram account as a photo journal of her days.


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