Lafayette Area Snowball Stands :: Where to go to Prevent Summer Meltdowns

Lafayette Area Snowball Stands :: Where to go to Prevent Summer Meltdowns

Lafayette Area Snowball Stands :: Where to go to Prevent Summer MeltdownsIt’s that time of year again. SUMMERTIME! School is out and mommas are looking for an outing with the kiddos but it’s hot as Hades, so what should you do? Hit up the nearest snowball stand for a sweet treat to beat that summer heat!

I am a firm believer that the best snowball stand is the one that is closest to you, but for the sake of seeking out specifics for you all, I have compiled some helpful information, tidbits, and tricks for the top 3 Snowball Stands in the Lafayette area. Hopefully, this helps you determine the perfect stand to visit and what to expect once you are there – no meltdowns allowed! The following locations have been taste tested by the Lafayette Mom team and our families, for quality assurance, of course!

Cajun Sno (Lafayette, LA)

There’s no denying that Cajun Sno has been Lafayette’s #1 snowball stop for many, many years. The original Cajun Sno building suffered an unfortunate fire in January 2016 but made its quick return by spring of the same year, much to its fans’ delight.

Centrally located off Rena Drive at 4303 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503, there is one important thing you must know about Cajun Sno … The Flow.

The drive thru line snakes the parking lot with a breaking point for cars headed to other establishments (such as Don’s Seafood or Bell’s Sporting Goods) in the complex to cut through. Proceed with caution and for the love of all things frozen, do NOT block this cut through! Trust this momma’s rookie mistake made back in the pre baby day.

If you do not want to brave the above mentioned, you also have the option of parking and “getting down” at Cajun Sno. They have a few parking spots as well as some picnic benches where your family can sit and enjoy their snowballs.

Cajun Snow’s hours of operation are currently abundant at 7 days a week 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. Bring cash for payment! My favorite is the Cotton Candy at Cajun Sno, it’s pink, not blue- thus saving your momma mouth from that embarrassment, and not overly sweet.

Crawfish Boss (Broussard, LA)

Don’t let the name fool ya, Crawfish Boss seems to be the new Broussard “boss” of snowballs as well. Boasting their specialty snowballs such as Chantilly Cake and Loaded Blackberry Cheesecake, they offer many unique snowball flavor combinations and creations. Regular syrups are offered too if you, like many of our LAFMB moms, do not prefer all the “extras” atop your classic flavors. Crawfish Boss’ sizes are generous, with no “kids size”, so just keep that in mind when little eyes may be bigger than their tummies. They do accept cards, with a minimum $5 purchase, which is, in my opinion, not hard to do with the delicious menu.

This is another location where knowing the lay of the land comes in handy. Located at 6830-A Ambassador Caffery Extension in Broussard, Crawfish Boss’ car line also snakes their lot and can appear deceptively long. I was car number 20 at the entrance of said snake and my total wait-to-frozen deliciousness in hand time was 25 minutes. If the line is lengthy or it’s peak crawfish time, they send someone down the line to take your snowball order and expedite the process at the window. With that being said, Crawfish Boss is strictly drive thru. There is no walk up counter to order or tables to sit at, so plan ahead and maybe bring your snowballs to the park to enjoy or ask for extra napkins for the car ride!

Another convenient option with Crawfish Boss is delivery through Waitr. One of our LAFMB mommas Waitr’d these for her office personnel this past week, and it was a hit! But if you want to drive thru yourself, pile the children in the mini van and head on through during these hours of operation: Mon – Thurs 2PM to 8:30PM; Fri – Sat 12Noon to 9PM; Sun 12Noon to 8:30PM

Old Tyme Grocery (Lafayette, LA)

Located behind the Grocery at 218 West Saint Mary Boulevard in Lafayette, Murph’s Old Tyme Snowball Stand is open from April through September for your enjoyment during the hottest months of Louisiana spring and summer.

This snowball stand is not a drive thru. Park in the lot across the street or parallel and order at the walk up window with your cash in hand. There is an ATM located inside Old Tyme Grocery, if needed, but note that neither the po boy restaurant, nor the snowball stand accepts cards. There are a few concrete tables to sit at, or Girard Park is a hop, skip, and jump away if you’d prefer a more scenic view or space for your kids to run around and expend some of their snowball syrup energy.

Fun fact – Old Tyme also has a snowball trailer available for rent. I’m thinking this is a summertime outdoor birthday party must have!

Pro Tip – toward the end of the season Old Tyme will have special discounted promotions as they run through the end of the bottles of syrup. Saving mommas the dollas!

Other enjoyable Snowball Stands in the Acadiana area are:

Brain Freeze Snowballs (Broussard, LA)

The Big Chill (Breaux Bridge, LA)

Snowball Factory (New Iberia, LA)

Meaux Sneux Shack (Maurice, LA)

Babe’s Snowball Stand (St. Martinville, LA)

Isis Snowballs (Crowley, LA)

Frozen Rayne SnoCones (Rayne, LA)

Coastal Fire and Ice (Broussard, LA)

Yabbos (Broussard, LA)

Sno-Ville (Youngsville, LA)

My Love’s Snoballs (Abbeville, LA)

Emily Miller
Emily is a dual citizen, residing in Lafayette, Louisiana, yet a temporary visitor in her other residency of Germany. She is a wife of four years and full time working mother to two kids: a 2.5 year old girl (C) and 5 month old boy (H). Having graduated from LSU with her bachelors, she continued her education by getting her Masters in Business Administration from UL. Working in management in retail, her schedule frequently varies and consists of unusual hours, but she embraces that as extra time with her children. While off the clock, Emily pours herself a cup of decaf coffee, plays in a room filled with toddler toys, teaches her children German, and attempts to be a scrunchy Montessori inspired mama with goals of raising independent children.


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