Lafayette Moms Need to Know :: Your Guide for Things to do in Lafayette May 2022

The May flowers are here – and, “May-day, May-day” it is also one of the busiest times of the year with graduations, final exams, dance revues, baseball and more! It’s as if we can taste the slowness of summer but have to race to the finish line. If you have time to stop and smell the roses, take a peek at this handy need to know guide with all your fun, family friendly events in and around Lafayette.

Lafayette Moms Guide for Family Friendly Events in and Around Lafayette for May

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Anne Elise, a Lafayette native, is enjoying the joys of motherhood while balancing her career as a real estate agent for a local company and working for the Lafayette Mom. Between the day to day household affairs and keeping up with her little blue eyed boy, she also enjoys anything to work up a sweat, Broadway musicals, cooking classes, and football! She and her husband, Michael, met in high school, but thought it would be easier to start a relationship while she attended graduate school in Dallas and while he pursued his MBA in New Orleans (just a bit of sarcasm). A few short months after they married, they took off again to Houston where Anne Elise became a law school career counselor for the University of Houston Law Center. She and her husband have finally made their way home again to Cajun Country.