Let Summer at Ascension Save the Day

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Let Summer at Ascension Save the Day

While the kids are counting down the days until summer with outlandish excitement, you might find your level of anxiety slowly creeping up to unsafe heights.

Some questions that might be swimming around your head are “how much screen time is too much screen time when he wakes up with the sun? Did the researchers factor that part in?” or “will Target kick us out for spending most of our days playing (I mean shopping) in the toy aisle?” or better yet, “is it too soon to teach the 5 year old how to do her own laundry”? Now let’s tip our hat to the grocery stores that are catering to the mom with 2 sleeping kids in carseats but still needs shampoo for bath time. Speaking of bath time, will they notice if you start the bedtime routine early tonight? Now that we’re back on the topic of early… how could CC’s forget your extra shot of espresso in this morning’s latte? Things really do seem to flow much easier in the evenings with the routine of carpool, homework, soccer practice, more homework, dinner, bath time, bedtime. The day can really run away from you when it’s one Pinterest fail after another — how in the world do they make those cookies look so pretty and not like a pile of melted crayons?Let Summer at Ascension Save the Day

Press the pause button on all that stress because Summer at Ascension offers plenty of options to keep your child interacting with friends, learning new skills, and maybe even failing at a Pinterest craft or two, but the clean up of all that shaving cream is on us!

With campus locations in River Ranch, Downtown Lafayette, and Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville, each camp is thoughtfully designed to be a place of adventure and excitement – whether that’s getting a boarding pass each morning for a quick flight to a new destination filled with cultural snacks and activities or lacing up your tennis shoes for some agility training on the volleyball court. Each camp is directed by experienced, qualified, and dedicated Ascension faculty and staff who work with kids day in and day out.

Our camps are ideal for those entering grades PK3-8 and range from $125 to $250. Registration is open now, but space is limited with wait lists ready.

We also have volunteer opportunities for those entering grades 7-12 to work alongside our teachers impacting summers across the board.

Ready to learn more about Summer at Ascension? Click HERE



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