Leave the Lysol at Home: RaceTrac’s Remodel Refreshes a Germaphobe’s View on Convenience Stores

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Leave the Lysol at Home: RaceTrac’s Remodel Refreshes a Germaphobe’s View on Convenience Stores

Germaphobia :: It’s a Real Thing {Spoiler Alert, Avoid Triggering Your Germaphobia at Newly Remodeled and LOVELY RaceTrac Locations}

I will be the first to admit my quirky “germaphobe” habits. Traveling is usually not easy when making rest stops at gas stations and fast food restaurants. I avoid drinking too much coffee or water so I won’t have to use public restrooms. But when it’s a must and I just can’t hold it any longer, I usually find myself shuffling in and out of stalls, touching nothing, holding my breath, and wishing I had sprayed the path before and in front of me with Lysol, wiped down every door handle with a Clorox wipe, and then bathed in bleach. I contort my body in an effort to push open doors with my foot or elbow instead of my hands, and I am the first to notice if floors or windows look grimy or unkempt. After exiting said establishment, I exhale with relief, breathing all the fresh air back into my lungs after holding it for the duration of my visit. There’s an easy explanation for my more than clean habits, it all started in my youth. My mother literally held us over public toilet seats and showed us how to turn faucets on and off with paper towels – germaphobia is a real thing.

Cue the Holy Grail of Convenience Stores: RaceTrac

With a recent visit to RaceTrac in Lafayette, however, my usual tendency to cringe did not take over upon pulling into the parking lot of a convenience store. Leave the Lysol at Home: RaceTrac’s Remodel Refreshes a Germaphobes View on Convenience StoresThe store front looked immaculate –  like I had found the holy grail of convenience stores after all. I also recently learned that RaceTrac stores across Louisiana are getting a BIG remodel and this one was sparkling and fresh much to my delight.

On this particular day, it seemed as though RaceTrac truly was glistening in the afternoon sun, or maybe it was just the freshly brewed coffee sign and nice outdoor patio that lured this tired mama inside instead of tanking up and taking off as I usually do. We will go with the latter. This, ladies and gentleman, is no ordinary convenience store – think upscale, organized, inviting, and most importantly, clean!

Something for Everyone – the Whole Family Satisfied

Beyond being able to get over my germaphobia, I quickly realized there was something for everyone inside.

There was, of course, the large coffee bar for mom. There were a dozen or so flavors to choose from and even a pumpkin one for the season. It was stationed nicely next to some fresh pastries and warm cookies. The aroma of hot, freshly brewed coffee was more than enough to make this mama smile.

There were so many options for the kids including chips and candies, fresh fruit, and even a hot dog bar. It was not your typical hot dog station on one rotating rack either  – I’m talking 6 or more options from a regular dog, to corn dogs, and even hot tamales. There were several condiments and relishes to choose from – all neatly displayed on the end of the bar.

But perhaps the biggest attraction for kids, or even mom and dad, is Swirl World, a serve yourself fro-yo and ice cream bar with toppings that will not disappoint. I went for the snickers and chocolate covered pretzels to compliment my cookies and cream frozen yogurt. Then there were the giant gummy bears – oh my – they could make any child feel as though they had entered the real Willy Wonka factory! Oh and did I mention it was tidy and clean too? No need to whip out my hand sanitizer or baby wipes at this stop.

And as dear old dad sauntered in after filling up the car, he was shocked to find a full blown, walk-in beer cooler with automatic sliding doors. Just picture it: stacks upon stacks of beer all cool and ready for the taking. It made for a perfect grab and go stop for his football filled weekend.

Next time a fellow germaphobe spots a RaceTrac, I dare you to go in and give it a peek! The layout, the aesthetics, the well-groomed displays, the cleanliness, and snacks for everyone in the family has transformed me from a squirmy germaphobe to a repeat patron. This IS the Disney World of all convenience stores and you are sure in for a treat!



Anne Elise Doise
Anne Elise, a Lafayette native, is enjoying the joys of motherhood while balancing her career as a real estate agent for a local company and working for the Lafayette Mom. Between the day to day household affairs and keeping up with her little blue eyed boy, she also enjoys anything to work up a sweat, Broadway musicals, cooking classes, and football! She and her husband, Michael, met in high school, but thought it would be easier to start a relationship while she attended graduate school in Dallas and while he pursued his MBA in New Orleans (just a bit of sarcasm). A few short months after they married, they took off again to Houston where Anne Elise became a law school career counselor for the University of Houston Law Center. She and her husband have finally made their way home again to Cajun Country.


  1. I love Race Trac! They have the best pizza too.. (which you can get a slice for $1 when you buy any 20 oz coke product or medium fountain drink all month) the cashier told me this today. They are always friendly


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