Little Eyes Are Watching :: Why I Don’t Text and Drive

There is one thing I do very conscientiously everyday. 

I don’t text and drive.

To be very honest, the main reason I don’t is because I have a 14 year old child. A 14 year old who keeps talking about how all of her 15 year old friends are getting their drivers permits this year. A 14 year old, who in a short 18 months, will be behind the wheel of a car on her very own. 

As they say, little eyes are watching.

I also have a 7, 9, and 11 year old. That is a lot of little eyes watching. I’m far from perfect and have to admit I have texted and driven before. Who hasn’t? But in the last year, as that oldest child is getting older, I’ve become acutely aware of my actions. How do I preach to her when the time comes, “You better not text and drive or play with your phone while driving! NOTHING is that important. It can wait” if she sees me doing it? 

Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach has a whole new meaning when you are approaching measures, that could be life saving for your child. In 18 short months,  all 4 of my children will be getting in the car together at some point with a 16 year old at the wheel.

That scares me to death. Distractions are normal for teenagers … friends talking to them, laughing, changing the radio station … but the phone. The phone scares me, and I’ve made a 100% commitment to showing the importance of putting it down.

Now here is something else that scares me that I need your help with.

She’ll also be getting into the car with your teenager. What kind of example are you being for yours? Pretty soon she’ll be sitting in that passenger seat, laughing up a storm, taking selfies and talking to your child driving. The thought of your child picking up their phone to text is just as scary as my child doing it themselves behind the wheel. All it takes is a split second.

So I beg of you…

Be an example! Think of the eyes that are watching. I can assure you that if any of my kids are in your car, they are watching. I get the reports. 

So I challenge you.

Less than 2 years away from driving!

Next time you are tempted to simply answer your husband’s text of “What’s for dinner?” maybe ask your child to look at the message and answer it for you. Make a point to say “I can’t text and drive. It will have to wait!” I do this constantly, and it has really resonated with them. 

Those eyes are watching, and I know when your time comes that your child will be behind the wheel and Lord forbid if something should happen one day, you never want them to be able to say, “Well … you did it.” Think about that.

Betsy Boudreaux
Betsy is a stay at home (but never at home) mom, to her four children, Maggie, Annie, Jack Henry, and Bear. She grew up in Hammond, La., but moved to Lafayette at the age of 18 to attend USL (now ULL!) After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, she married her high school sweetheart, Matt, and they moved to Shreveport, La., when he got accepted into LSU Medical School. During their 10 years in Shreveport, they had four children while Matt completed Medical School, Surgery Residency and a fellowship in Colorectal Surgery. As Matt worked long hours and Betsy was often raising the children by herself, she learned to "expect the unexpected", "go with the flow" and praise the Lord that they were all alive at the end of the day! After their 10 years there, they packed the family up and moved back to Lafayette, where they always knew they wanted to raise their family. They've been back in the area since 2011 and their lives are full of chaos, homework, studying for tests, after school sports, traveling for gymnastics competitions, and children that are growing up way to fast! Betsy spends many hours volunteering at the children's school, serving on the PTO board and driving the Boudreaux Bus! She truly enjoys every minute of it!



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