Mom Hacks for a Summer of Non-Stop Boy Energy

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Mom Hacks for a Summer of Non-Stop Boy Energy

As a mom of two lively boys, I’ve discovered that keeping them active is like a full-time gig! It’s so important for their well-being, but finding fun and affordable ways to keep them busy can be tricky. Screens can seem like the easiest option, but I kept telling myself there have to be some super creative and budget-friendly ways to manage their endless energy.

These solutions have been a game-changer for our family!

Mom Hacks for a Summer of Non-Stop Boy Energy
Summer at Youngsville Sports Complex Splash Pad

Score Big with Local High School Soccer Players

Check out your local high school soccer team and arrange lessons for 8 to 10 kids who can commit to summer sessions. Subs can pop in as needed, keeping the group dynamic and fun.

Last summer, we did just that, and it was a hit! Three high school boys from our varsity soccer team offered coaching sessions for a group of third graders behind the East Regional Library. They charged a discounted rate, which made it affordable and accessible for everyone. 

The kids absolutely loved spending time with the cool older boys. The laid-back setting was perfect for picking up new soccer skills while having a great time. Each week, the kids looked forward to their soccer sessions, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Transforming the Garage

Consider transforming your garage into a dedicated play space to minimize the risk of things getting broken in the house. We’ve done this with great success! We added a basketball hoop and filled the space with various balls. The boys have the best time inventing various games without me constantly yelling. 

Installing a screen door has been a lifesaver, as it lets me keep the kitchen door open to keep an eye on them while enjoying the cooler temperatures in the fall without bugs. You could also set up a ping pong table for extra fun. Adding a portable evaporative cooler is something I’m really considering right now. It would help to keep the area cool during summer and can double as a patio fan when guests are over.

Exploring All Our Parks

Parc San Souci


Moncus Park is a favorite, with ample shade and space for running around, it’s a great place to meet up with all the friends. The hills provide a natural challenge for the boys to run up and down, ensuring they burn off plenty of energy. Another great spot is the new park at Parc San Souci, where they enjoy spinning and climbing, followed by a treat downtown at Sunday’s Soda Fountain. These outings offer a perfect mix of physical activity and sweet rewards.



Sports Complex Adventures

Mom Hacks for a Summer of Non-Stop Boy Energy
Youngsville Sports Complex

The Youngsville Sports Complex is a hub of endless fun. Equipped with a wagon full of soccer balls and drinks, this mom can kick back as the boys unleash their energy on the open soccer fields. This setup not only encourages them to be spontaneous but also fosters a sense of autonomy. And after some intense play, they can cool off at the splash pad or indoors in the recreation center. To add even more excitement, consider organizing a pick-up game with friends or classmates to stay connected over the summer.

Indoor Energy Boosters

When rainy days or scorching sun force us indoors, we turn to indoor activities to keep the energy flowing. I’ve found that turning off the internet completely at times helps us all focus on other activities. So instead of screen time, the boys can hop on a stationary bike in the living room, enjoying TV time while getting a workout. Alternatively, exercise bands or an exercise ball is another indoor option, keeping their hands busy with some resistance.

Raising energetic boys means thinking outside the box and being adaptable. By trying out different activities and environments, you can keep them entertained and moving. Whether it’s organized sports, fun indoor games, or outdoor adventures at local parks, there are endless ways to help them burn off that energy. As a mom, my goal is to discover what works best for everyone, embracing the journey of raising these wild ones all while being mindful of the budget.

Happy Summer!

Shantell Gomez
Shantell is mom to three kiddos—a teenage daughter and two energetic boys ages 11 and 9—and wife to David. They call Youngsville, Louisiana, home sweet home. With a background in Business Administration and Behavioral Science from ULL, Shantell wears many hats. By day, she's working part-time at a local nonprofit, while by night, she is a freelance writer. Motherhood has been Shantell's greatest challenge as well as her greatest gift. It's where she's learned the most about herself. Every day brings new lessons and revelations, and she cherishes the journey of growth alongside her children.


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