Newborn Tips For New Moms

Newborn Tips For New Moms

I’ve just had my third baby in four years. We are tired, but thankful parents who have learned a few things along our parenthood journey. 

Mommas, your babies need time to meet Dad. 

During your pregnancy your baby has only ever felt, touched, and heard you. They know your smell, your voice, your body temperature. It all helps them thrive with you once they’re born. While your baby knows you, literally from the inside out, they’re just meeting dad at delivery. Give them time and lots of opportunities to get to know each other. This can be frustrating because mostly you caring for your newborn is intuitive, but Dad will need time to get to know baby. Remember he’s got a 9 month learning curve to catch up on. Newborn Tips For New Moms

Whatever is said between the sleepless hours of midnight and 5am needs to be left there. 

You’re going to get so tired and so worn out that you’ll turn on each other. Even the most loving couples go through this stage, but you can overcome by not holding a grudge against anything said or done in your sleepless states. In some sage parenting and marriage advice my therapist told me in preparing for our third baby’s arrival, she advised me not to take anything personal between the hours of midnight and 5am. What’s said and done between those hours is out of sleeplessness and nothing more. Give each other grace so that it doesn’t feel like the baby is creating a wedge between you and your spouse. You are a team and bonding as a family. 

Babies cry. 

That is the simple truth, sometimes they need to cry. Your baby can’t talk or express any frustration other than crying. When baby is crying, do your best to keep calm and run down the list of caring for the immediate needs: check their diaper, change their clothes, feed / burp as needed, offer a pacifier, walk around with them, offer change of scenery, swaddle if needed, but ultimately know that this stressful time shall pass. Sometimes when none of those things work, you just have to allow baby to let it out. Crying is ok. Newborn Tips For New Moms

Meeting your new family for the first time is one of the most exciting times in life! It is also one of the biggest learning curves. Give yourself, and everyone else, abundant grace to make the adjustment. You got this, momma! 


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