Patient Care in Your PJs: Health Anywhere – When Medical Care Comes To You

Disclosure:: This post is sponsored by Lafayette General Health. That stated, all opinions are my own and I am excited to share more about this app with you! 

Patient Care in Your PJs : Health Anywhere – When Medical Care Comes To You

Getting the Call

I received the phone call while on my way to pick him up from daycare.

“Hey, Nat? Edison just threw up…A lot…Twice…”

My first thought was, “Nooooo!” My husband has been out of town all week so this Momma is flying solo (and bossing at it, I might add!). My next thought was, “Please don’t be the flu! Please don’t be the flu!” I wasn’t prepared for a trip to Urgent Care!

Health Anywhere – When Medical Care Comes To You

After getting Edison home and into the bath, I contemplated how I was going to effectively get two kids, one sick and one well, to the doctor’s office. Especially since Edison refused to put on pants and Oliver apparently had more than his share of sweets today. Nope, a traditional doctor’s visit wouldn’t work today. Then, I remembered being introduced to the Lafayette General Health – Health Anywhere app.

After installing the app, the set-up was pretty straightforward, thankfully. I was able to sign in with a clingy five-year old laying across my lap so that’s saying something, right? The questions were standard inquiries that you would be asked during intake – symptoms, medical history, etc. Pharmacy information was requested in case you were prescribed meds. From there, I was ushered into the virtual waiting room where a short video informed me that I would be seen shortly.

“The Doctor will be with you shortly.”

And the wait was indeed short. Less than 10 minutes, I was connected to Leslie Dupuis, NP, via video conference. I was so relieved to talk to a medical professional about my son’s symptoms, I babbled on for a whole minute without any idea of how the visit was supposed to work. Ms. Dupuis was very patient, asking questions about his symptoms. At one point, she asked me to touch his abdomen to determine his level of discomfort. Knowing that I’m not a doctor and wasn’t sure whether I checking the right area, I was a bit apprehensive about doing this. However, Leslie requested that I angle the phone so she could see his response to the pressure and asked the necessary follow up questions to ensure that she understood what he was experiencing. She even spoke to Edison directly, expressing concern with warmth. Her virtual bedside manner was so evident that he invited her to come to our house!

I know there are illnesses that absolutely requires a visit to your favorite pediatrician or general practitioner. However, for the snotty noses, pink eyes and tummy aches, this app allows you to check-in with a medical professional without getting out of your bed. I am so stingy with adding apps to my phone (not a fan of tech clutter) but I could see us using this one again. Thank you, Ms. Dupuis and Lafayette General Health – Health Anywhere, for helping this momma take care of her babies…in her pjs!

Are You Thinking About Using the Healthcare Anywhere App? Here is What We Think You Should Know ::

  • How do I get started? Download the free Health Anywhere app and set up an account. Doctors are available every day of the year. Visits are $45 and are covered by several insurance plans, and their physicians are able to prescribe a wide range of prescription drugs electronically.
  • Special note for Moms and Dads :: The app is only good for adults and children over three.
  • Does the app work with any device? The Health Anywhere is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 10 or later and Android phones and tablets running version 4.4 (“KitKat”) or later.
  • How will I receive my prescription(s)? Your provider will send prescriptions to the pharmacy you designate. You can pick up your medication from that location.

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