Potty Training When You Aren’t Ready

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Potty Training When You Aren’t Ready

“Mommy, I go potty.”

…..and it was the beginning of the end.

My sweet two year-old girl simply decided that today was the day. Not only had I just taken down her crib and assembled her big girl bed, but she decided that today is the day that she was going to potty train and not look back.


I mean mentally I was not ready. She’s my baby. The last of the last. I was ready for her to stay a “baby” for at least another year. I only moved her to a big girl bed because she learned how to climb out of her crib. But here she was, done with diapers. Mentally I was not ready, and accessory and supplies wise I was definitely not ready. In fact, I was stocked with diapers and baby wipes for at least another two months.

So in a panic I ran to Target and picked up some big girl panties and pull ups. It was clear from the start that she wasn’t having pull-ups. “No diaper,” she would say over and over and over again. But I’m going be honest; riding in the car with a toddler who is potty training gives me such anxiety. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be disassembling a car seat apart every day to wash it while she’s mastering the big girl toilet. So we had to come up with a compromise quick.

Enter Charlie Banana

Around this time, I was lucky enough to receive several pairs of these amazing Charlie Banana cloth training pants. They were the perfect solution to my little girl’s need to feel big and my need to feel that she wasn’t completely exposed. She thought that they were big girl panties, and I didn’t have to wash a car seat every time she had a tiny accident. Win-win.

The training pants come in some really pretty fabrics and are silky soft on the outside. There is a nice thin absorbent inside that doesn’t feel like a diaper but still absorbs any accidents. My very opinionated two-year-old was happy, and I was happy. While I had not tried Charlie Banana training pants before, I’d now say that these are a must have for that “in between stage” of diapers and underwear when you’re always on the go and want just a little bit of extra security.

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I was so pleased because Charlie Banana ALSO sent us the cutest swim set. We are just starting our swimming lessons, and potty training plus swim lessons can indeed be extremely intimidating. I just loved that one company was able to meet all of my growing girl’s needs during this stage of toddlerhood. The neatest thing, too, is that I also got a matching waterproof pouch to store the swimwear in when we’re done with lessons. Charlie Banana training pants into a Charlie Banana swim set into a Charlie Banana waterproof pouch. Wahoo!

So if you have that child who insists on wearing big girl panties or is verbalizing being ready for the big kid bathroom but you are not quite ready for it, I would take some time to check out the Charlie Banana line. This brand is definitely saving motherhood sanity one potty training pant at a time.

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