Prime Deals for Your House

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Amazon Prime Day Deals for your home

Amazon prime is like Christmas in July! I actually shop Amazon Prime with Christmas gifts in mind in July. Sometimes the deals can’t be beat, other times it is a price mark-up just to mark it down again. As a Realtor, I get asked frequently for suggestions for items around the home, here are my top 10 favorite Prime Day Deals! 

  1. Blackout Curtains: these are a must for my kids’ rooms. We subscribed to the blackout method for sleep no matter what time of day it is. Prime has a lightning deal on this brand with over 26,000 reviews and multiple colors/lengths. 
  2. Cushioned Kitchen Mat: Peep my Instagram reel for how I use these all over my house. These cushioned kitchen mats aren’t only for the kitchen! Over 9,000 reviews and comes in three colors. 
  3. Cuisinart Coffee Maker: This coffee maker is hands down the best around! Capacity for up to 14 cups, programmable, and easy to clean. Check, check, and check yes for me. 
  4. Airtage Remote Case: The airtag has gotten a lot of flak lately, and rightfully so, but the perfect use for them is on your remote. Covers are on sale today and compatible with all kinds of devices for whatever size you need. Never lose your remote again! 
  5. Frame TV: This is high on my wish list as our TV hangs above the fireplace, like so many do, and I would love for it to be an artful piece when not screening Encanto for the thousandth time. Find them on the best sale yet, here
  6. Headboard: I like to keep it simple in my guest rooms and the perfect headboard is here. I have the cobalt diamond tufting in a queen size and it perfectly completes my guest room look. Under $100! 
  7. Sliding Tray: I have a hard time pulling the trigger on convenience factor items, but these sliding trays are under anything we use daily in my kitchen. Baby Brezza, Coffee Maker, Mixer, you name it and this tray is there. 
  8. Robot Vacuum: We have, and use, our robot vacuum that is an early generation. This one is high on my wish list and is on super sale for Prime Day. Set it and forget it. Thank me later. 
  9. Hotel Pillows: I ordered these pillows at Christmas and will be ordering another set during this Prime Day deal! The best pillows hands down. Get some satin covers and sleep like you’ve never rested before! 
  10. Facebook Portal: Yes, you have to have at least Facebook Messenger to set up but worth the hassle in every way. We love using it to Portal with grandparents, the panoramic adaptive camera allows those we video call with to see a fish-eye view as we can walk and talk freely. Great for out of state family and friends with many hidden gems beyond just the video calling. 

To be clear, Prime Day is amazing, but if you don’t have a want or a need then I don’t subscribe to just shopping because things are on sale. Prime Day deals are only saving you money if you were going to buy that item anyway, and if you weren’t then you just spent money you could be saving! I use apps like Honey to help me make sure I am truly getting a good deal. Honey lets you track the price history, this ensures you that the company didn’t just hike up the price and then put it “on sale” for Prime Day. Let me know what you’re buying from Prime Day this year! 


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