Rediscovering Connection :: Between Mom And Me

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Rediscovering Connection :: Between Mom And Me

Dusty Treasures

Several shelves in my home are filled with items meant to create a connection between me and my children, but instead, they collect dust. You know, those DIY kits, board games, and craft supplies that are supposed to guarantee quality time with the kids.

I’m here now, surrounded by reminders of well-intentioned plans that never quite panned out. But recently, something magical happened — a glimmer of hope emerged from the chaos in the form of my youngest child.

Embracing Parenthood

As my older kids grow more independent and our schedules overflow with activities and social events, I worry that the days of bonding over simple things are behind us. But then, my nine-year-old stumbled upon this Between Mom and Me journal I had forgotten about on a bookshelf. I’d bought two of them years ago, hoping to connect with each kid, but we never got around to it — until now! My youngest took the initiative, and suddenly, we were diving into this fun adventure together. 

With my older children transitioning into adolescence, I’ve realized the urgency of embracing every moment of parenthood. While their focus shifts towards friends and outside activities, I’m reminded of the fleeting nature of time. While the two eldest kids may not always show it, my nine-year-old eagerly seeks opportunities to connect and play together. 

Finding Hope and Setting Goals

You think you know your kid until they put their thoughts on paper. When we reached the page asking us to list four cool things we’ve done this year, my son responded, “We haven’t done anything cool.” That hit me hard. We struggled to make the list, realizing we may have squandered away our time and missed out on some fun experiences, or simply forgotten that we’d done them. When the journal prompted us to list four awesome things we still need to go together, it sparked hope. We listed simple joys like having a dance party and singing together, setting some realistic goals for ourselves.

Rediscovering Connection :: Between Mom And Me

Spending 15 minutes jotting down our thoughts and doodling silly sketches has become our daily ritual. Setting a goal of completing two pages a night helped us stay focused without feeling overwhelmed. And every night, Oliver holds me to it. “Mom, let’s work in our journal.” It’s become a cherished routine that has brought us closer together. It could be a perfect summer activity for parents and kids, especially those around eight or nine years old, hitting the sweet spot for bonding and fun.

Extending the Joy

I value the time I spend journaling with my son so much that I decided to extend the joy by purchasing a “grandmother and me” journal for my mom for Mother’s Day. I added a “grandpa and me” journal to my Amazon cart to ensure that my dad wouldn’t feel left out. I can’t wait to witness the excitement and laughter that will follow as my parents navigate the pages with my kiddos. 

It’s funny how something as simple as a forgotten about item in your home can reignite connection. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the power of these small moments. But I’ve learned, the simplest activities often have the biggest impact.

So, if you’re like me and you find yourself longing for a way to connect with your kids, don’t give up hope just yet. Set aside a few minutes each day, dust off those overlooked purchases, and see where the journey takes you.

In the end, it’s not about the activities themselves but the love and connection they nurture. And for that, I am grateful—for all the moments, “cool” and small. 

Shantell Gomez
Shantell is mom to three kiddos—a teenage daughter and two energetic boys ages 11 and 9—and wife to David. They call Youngsville, Louisiana, home sweet home. With a background in Business Administration and Behavioral Science from ULL, Shantell wears many hats. By day, she's working part-time at a local nonprofit, while by night, she is a freelance writer. Motherhood has been Shantell's greatest challenge as well as her greatest gift. It's where she's learned the most about herself. Every day brings new lessons and revelations, and she cherishes the journey of growth alongside her children.


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