Three Reasons New and Expecting Moms Should Consider Practicing Yoga

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Three Reasons New and Expecting Moms Should Consider Practicing Yoga

“Yoga.” It’s a small word. But, its benefits for the mom who recently delivered and the Mom-to-be are immense. Here are our top three reasons why new and expecting moms should consider practicing yoga ::Three Reasons New and Expecting Moms Should Consider Practicing Yoga

  • Yoga helps us to understand our mind-body connection through breath, simple movements and postures. By constantly accessing our breath, we can calmly get centered again and again. Understanding the basics of our mind-body connection helps maximize strength, health and overall well-being throughout pregnancy.
  • Yoga helps the expecting mom reduce stress, anxiety and depression throughout her pregnancy. Its benefits extend beyond birth. Practiced in the weeks and months after delivery, yoga supports the body’s recovery and enhances that special bond between mom and her new baby.
  • The practice aids in healing, increases relaxation and provides gentle strengthening. Taking prenatal and postpartum yoga classes are also a wonderful way to connect with other new mothers in a supportive and healthy environment. Classes are designed for expecting moms and mothers who delivered at least four weeks prior to enrollment. Still, you should consult with your OB-GYN before enrolling.

Our pregnancies are individual, remarkable journeys. The physical and breathing exercises learned in yoga assist in mental calmness, boost vitality and help mom approach her labor with confidence. Through regular practice, Mom learns to listen to her body’s needs and understand how those needs change day-to-day.

Emily Farmer is a certified, licensed yoga instructor and a mother of two who practiced yoga during and after both pregnancies. She teaches free Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga classes at Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Call 1-877-302-2731 or visit today to enroll in a class and learn more.