It’s Time to Spring Forward, Y’all!

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It’s Time to Spring Forward, Y’all!

Daylight Savings starts Sunday, March 11th, which means you’ll be setting your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed Saturday night.

With spring comes all the wonderful things we’ve been waiting for…extra sunshine…warmer weather…maxi dresses…sandals…flowers blooming…the list goes on! However, one of the things we are never too excited about is the upcoming time change and losing an hour of sleep…especially if you have kids! But fret not! I’m here to share with you three ways you can prepare so that this transition happens smoothly for your family.

Three Ways to Prepare Your Family For the Spring Forward Transition

  • Blackout Shades – If you haven’t already, now is a good time to invest in blackout shades. In fact, I recommend them to all clients because a super dark room is the most conducive to sleep. While the sun is setting around 6:00 pm right now, we’re about to move that to 7:00 pm, which means lots of babies will be going to sleep when it’s still light outside. Blackout shades will help block out that light.
  • Prepare Ahead of Time – Although it sounds crazy because we are “springing forward”, you’ll want to adjust your baby’s bedtime BACK in 15-minute increments starting Wednesday night. This means you’ll likely have to adjust their whole schedule back, especially if they have many feedings and naps. So, dinner, bath, and bedtime routine will all have to start 15 minutes earlier, so they’re ready for an earlier bedtime. For older children, it’s best to make the transition cold turkey. You’ll still lose an hour, but just let everyone (yourself included) get up a little later Sunday.
  • Light Helps – Exposure to light helps our bodies adjust and it affects alertness. So, get outside and expose your baby to lots of bright light in the morning and dimmer lights in the evening, closer to bedtime.

If other sleep issues are happening, it may be hard to make these changes smoothly. That’s when it’s helpful to have a sleep consultation to discuss sleep challenges and solutions, and that’s why Southern Sleep Consulting is here and ready to help! Contact me for help, and we’ll get your little one sleeping soundly.

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