Toilet Paper Testament

Let’s talk toilet paper.

I know you’ve seen the memes.

I know you’ve seen the bare shelves.

I know you’re worried about wiping your bare behind if we’re quarantined.

We’re thanking Jesus for those precious packages with blue bears on them more than we ever expected we would. Or does your family go for the sweet angel baby brand? The one with the golden halo glistening as brightly as clean nether-regions?

It’s an everyday comfort and necessity that would be really uncomfortable and unsanitary to be without. People are flocking their fannies to every store around to snag a pack…including myself.

Along with the memes, I’ve seen angry posts about the bare shelves on the toilet paper aisle, and I understand. I wasn’t expecting any of this Coronavirus chaos, but I definitely wasn’t expecting toilet paper to become a luxury. As confused as I am by it, I still need it. My family needs it.

My husband works offshore, and my biggest fear in all of this has been to be left without while he can’t get to us. It’s just me and my two babies at home for two weeks at a time. Our families live out of town, and so it is solely my job to take care of them and protect them while he’s away.

As talk of a quarantine in America grows to become more of a realistic possibility, shelves dwindle even more.

Water, diapers, wipes, meat, and still…toilet paper. Highly sought after, much needed items.

I need them. I need all of those highly sought after, much needed items for myself, for my kids, and hopefully for my husband who will make it back home to us soon in all of this uncertainty.

If you see a woman, or even a man with lots of toilet paper, give them grace.

They may be afraid.

I know I am.

They may be buying enough to share with neighbors.

They may be buying excess to give to older, more at risk friends or family.

She may be a scared mom, or a husband snagging a pack to ease his wife’s mind.

A single mom of multiple children.

An adult that has taken the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents.

We do not know the burdens of others, and right now, all of our burdens are even heavier than usual.

I know these days we’re in are full of uncertainty and fear right now, so give grace and share goodness. When it’s easy to get irritated over almost-empty stores, give patience and show compassion. Even when it’s just over some toilet paper. 

We are all trying to get through this.

We will all get through this.

And may the blue bears and angels of toilet paper bless you and yours…and your behinds.

Lauren Curet
Lauren, a Shreveport, Louisiana native, moved south in the summer of 2010 to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In the fall of 2011, she laid eyes on Ross Curet, her now husband of 4 years. It was the closest possible scenario of "love at first sight". Lauren is a stay-at-home mom of their two children - Maddox, 2 years old, and Regan Evangeline, born in May of 2019. Building a family and home with her husband is her greatest joy and accomplishment! When she isn’t changing diapers, you can find Lauren shopping BST pages, traveling all over Louisiana to visit family, out and about in the stores of Lafayette (carrying a toddler on her hip and an infant in her arms), or in the CC's Coffee drive-thru. Extra shots of espresso, please!


  1. Such a sweet article. People are in panic mode. Not that tp will cure the virus, but it just gives comfort to have a product we have so taken advantage of for so long. Its the little things that are now big things in our lives. My God spread His loving arms around this chaotic world and clam it as He calmed the stormy waters for His disciples. I love you sweet girl. Wish i could come and help you. Aunt Margaret


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