Trunk or Treat? Nope, Not Happening

I am one of those people who clicks “interested” on nearly every event around on Facebook. I have found the most unique places and events this way!

About 3 years ago, I saw a bunch of “Trunk or Treat” events. I thought to myself, “Well, this looks pretty fun! It will be like a Halloween Extravaganza”- click “Interested.” Last year, I finally had the availability to go. So, I made sure to get my little buddy a costume early and we bundled up to attend our 1st Trunk or Treat.

What is Trunk or Treat, you ask?

Trunk or Treat is a version of “trick or treat” that occurs in a parking lot (of a park, school, or church) in which children and parents go from car to car “trick or treating.” The vehicles are parked next to each other so there is not far to go. It is gaining in popularity across the country.

And, it was miserable.

It wasn’t miserable because it was so cold (though it was) or because we parked so far away we couldn’t find the car when it was time to head home (though we did).

It just seemed to be totally missing all the warmth that I remembered about Halloween from when I was little.

I have always loved Halloween! You get to walk around the neighborhood and admire all the spooky decorations. There is always at least one neighbor who went way overboard by having a popcorn machine or hiding in a coffin and popping out. And when you had enough, you could head back to your house not too far away and neighbors would come to you to “Trick or Treat” and visit. All that seemed to be missing from our venture into Trunk or Treat.

Here are the main reasons why you won’t catch this family back at the Trunk or Treat:

The lines

We stood in line for over an hour. You can about imagine how well that went over for my impatient Scooby Doo and a hangry husband. 

They ran out of candy by the time we made it around.

After waiting for an hour, we made it up the first row of “trunks” and barely had anything to show for it. Not that I was sad about not having a ton of candy to bring home, but after that 1 hour wait, my little man and big man were none too pleased.

We didn’t know anyone.

Sure, we ran into a few people we knew. But, they weren’t our neighbors. It was very impersonal and felt like we were just in line at a check out. I would have done better to grab a bag of candy at the grocery to hide all over the house. It really took all the fun out of the “trick or treat.”

It was too much.

There were probably 300 cars parked out there. What person needs 300 pieces of candy? Not this girl. Not to mention, people were a little aggressive. There was a lot of breathing down the neck of the person in front of you and I really like my personal space. Also, my little guy is easily overstimulated in crowds and never did let me put him down. And let me tell you, carrying a 30 pound Scooby Doo for 3 hours straight is not my idea of a good time.

In my opinion, the whole thing just seemed pointless (I totally get it, opinions are like … well, you know … everyone has one). I do understand that there are some rural areas that  walking from house to house is not feasible. There are also some areas where walking from house to house is not safe. And yes, I know that some Churches will do a Trunk or Treat that is smaller … but I’m pretty sure I’m done with all that.

So, will we be heading out for Trunk or Treat this year? Nope, not happening.

As for me and mine, we’ll be hitting up regular old Trick or Treating in our neighborhood this year, doing a little walking and making friends out of neighbors!

Amanda Fuselier
Amanda is a native of Kenner, LA and is now an honorary Cajun. She is married to a psychiatric nurse, Joe, and is a hospice social worker so don't come to her house unless you are ready to talk about your feelings! Amanda and Joe are parents to Kael and Remy and furry parents to Luna and Spiderman. Amanda is all about that #boymom life and is enjoying wrangling her two wild men while checking out the wonderful culture of Acadiana and all of Louisiana. Amanda is a fan of all things yummy and enjoys a good cocktail. Her motto is "if I can't wear yoga pants, I'm not going".


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