Unfollowing the Unnecessary

I follow way too many accounts on Instagram. At some point in early 2020, I started unfollowing accounts that are currently irrelevant to me. Some of these accounts are big brands that I am no longer interested in or never will be able to afford. Some of these are makeup artists or models that are really just far beyond my reality. The presence of these accounts in my feed was just really noisy. They did not inspire me and truly made me feel less than. So I started my unfollowing binge at NO real cost or effect to those I was unfollowing.

Recently, I ran across a post on Instagram about breastfeeding and tips for engorgement.

My youngest baby is currently 2. We do not know if there is another baby in our future. And if there is a another baby in our future, I know for a fact that I will not breastfeed that baby. You can read about my breastfeeding journeys with my boys here and here.

You can also read my love letter to Enfamil here.

So why do my eyeballs need to even see the word engorgement? It truly could not be any more irrelevant to my life. And I promise you that I do never ever really experienced engorgement even though I have lactated three times.

So I unfollowed the account.

And I have continued to unfollow any and all breastfeeding and lactation accounts. It has been the most freeing thing for me. As you know or can read about by clicking the links above about my breastfeeding history, I have done more research on breastfeeding than needed. When I was on bedrest for my youngest, I watched weekly Instagram Lives done by Spectra giving tips and tricks on how to nurse and use their pumps. But guess what? Being THAT informed did not make me a better breastfeeder. My body couldn’t keep up with my brain.

There was (and still is) a lot of failure for me there.

So unfollowing has been part of my healing. And truthfully has made the concept of another baby more of a thing. Now there is so much less pressure because I am holding myself to a lower standard. Unfollowing these accounts gave me permission to let it go.

Or as Madison Vining says — BLESS AND RELEASE.

So here I am to tell you that if something is not giving you joy, hell if I am not giving you joy — UNFOLLOW. Let the pressure go. Let the people go. It is not going to affect that person at all to have one less follower but will most certainly give you peace.


Rebecca Autin
Rebecca is an attorney by day and a toddler wrangler by night. She is a product of divorced parents and grew up in both Thibodaux and Franklin, Louisiana. Rebecca attended Loyola University of New Orleans and Southern University Law Center. Rebecca married her high school bestie in 2012. Quinton and Rebecca went through months of infertility before giving birth to Maxwell Lincoln in 2015. In 2016, they were surprised by a baby boy due in June 2017. But, in February 2017, they suffered with incompetent cervix and delivered sweet Theodore Paul too soon. In October 2018, after an incredibly difficult pregnancy, a cerclage, and a whole bunch of bedrest, Fitzgerald Joseph was born -- a happy, healthy, and perfect rainbow. If you can't find Rebecca, you can summon her with pot of freshly brewed coffee or look for her in Target or behind the kitchen island where she is hiding from her kids with a very generous pour of red.


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