We’re EIGHT Lafayette Moms Stronger :: Meet Our New Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to eight new members of the Lafayette Mom team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring Acadiana mom, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person at any of our upcoming events. We are humbled and honored to have these women join our team.

Katie Templet

Originally from: Lafayette, Louisiana

Her krewe: Charlotte Rose, one year (specifically 18 months)

My last meal would be: Pamplona’s duck fat fries and Mac N Gouda, with a glass of wine from Wild Child Wines

Favorite snowball flavor: is half grape, half sour apple – it’s weird, I know! I discovered it during my pregnancy and I haven’t gone back.

The best “authentic” king cake is: hands down Crystal’s. The best “not really” a king cake is Keller’s

During the UL Lafayette games, you’ll find her … at the tailgating party, not so much at the game, ha!

Raising kids in Lafayette is: challenging, but we’re determined to douse her in as much culture as she’ll let us.

Charlotte Cravins

Originally from: Mallet, Louisiana which is a small creole community between Opelousas and Eunice. My husband is from an army family, so he was born in Washington state and lived in Virginia for a lot of his childhood, but his family is from Leonville, Louisiana.

Her krewe: one child, my step-daughter, Lyric, but we want more, and Lyric is dying to have a sibling.

Her last meal in Lafayette would be: boiled crawfish.

My favorite snowball flavor is: wedding cake or watermelon with condensed milk.

I believe the best king cakes are found: outside of a donut shop. I don’t have a favorite place, but I loveeee the bread-type ones with the crunchy sugar sprinkles. You’ll NEVER catch me eating the donut ones.

During ULL games, you’ll find me … cheering from home, usually . Sometimes we’ll head to a bar and catch a game there. Love my alma mater! Geaux Cajuns!

Raising kids in Lafayette is: always an adventure. There are always things to do, and there’s nothing like the culture of south Louisiana anywhere else in the world.

Chai Domingues

Originally from: New Orleans, Louisiana

Her krewe: Luca Sebastian, 3 months

Her last meal in Lafayette would be: Krab Nachos, Fried Chicken-N-Biscuits, and dessert from Social Southern Table & Bar.

Favorite snowball flavor: Wedding Cake with lots of condensed milk!

She believes the best king cakes are found: in New Orleans on Mardi Gras Day 🙂

During ULL games, you’ll find her: in the kitchen whipping up game day eats.

Raising kids in Lafayette is: going to be my best adventure yet!

Jessica Allain 

Originally from {i.e. your hometown}: Lafayette

Her krewe: Amelia (5) and Elizabeth (2)

Your last meal in Lafayette would be … Tuna tartare and grilled artichokes from Charley G’s

Favorite snowball flavor … Wedding cake

She believes the best king cakes are found … Pourpart’s

During ULL games, you’ll find her … hosting a watch party for the LSU game. Geaux tigers!

Raising kids in Lafayette is  … Complicated. Let’s commiserate.

Ashley Adams

Originally from: Erath, Louisiana

Her krewe: Ava-11 and Carter-8

Her last meal in Lafayette would be: Thai Ribs with corn grits and potatoes at Zea’s…I’m
going out with all the carbs and goodness!

Favorite snowball flavor: is green apple

The best King Cake’s are found: at Keller’s Bakery in Youngsville

During ULL games, you’ll find me … in the stands cheering with my little ones a couple
games a year. The rest we catch up on via Facebook…mom life is no joke, sometimes
you just don’t make it!

Raising kids in Lafayette is … the best of all the worlds! There is never nothing to do.
There is always a culture to learn about in our many festivals or at our museums and
local historical sites. There is always good food and fun to be found; and if you don’t
bring friends, it’s incredibly easy to make them!

Christina Victor 

Originally from {i.e. your hometown} – the northside of Lafayette, LA

Her krewe: Evangeline Noelle 1.5 years old

Your last meal in Lafayette would be … smothered chicken and okra with a diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite snowball flavor … blue bubblegum – only from Cajun Sno (which I worked at for years)

She believes the best king cakes are found … at Keller’s Bakery

During ULL games, you’ll find her … listening to an audiobook or in the swimming pool if the weather allows

Raising kids in Lafayette makes my heart so full. My friend and daughter’s sitter has made life so much easier while being a working, tennis-playing mama. My mother has been such a life saver on more occasions than I can count.  The current state of Lafayette and raising a kid here is breaking my heart, but we will prevail – with justice for all.

Kari Walker

Originally from: the Covington/Mandeville area
Her krewe: one daughter, Stella, who is 9 and a half

Her last meal in Lafayette would be: my guiltiest pleasure…Lafonda’s Beef and Cheese Nachos, but ‘Waiter Style’!

Favorite snowball flavor: is a Pink Lady

She believes the best king cakes are found: at Poupart’s Bakery

During UL games you’ll find me ... riding my bike to and from Cajun Field to check out the tailgate fun

Raising kids in Lafayette is … fun because of the culture it’s easy to find outlets to be a part of something that benefits both our kids and our community

Patrice LaBauve

Originally from {i.e. your hometown} Baton Rouge, LA

Her krewe: Eli 13, Jolie 9, Amelie 5

Your last meal in Lafayette would be …  How do you choose only 1?!?!? I guess if I only have one I would have to go with Pop’s Mimi’s Mac & Cheese.

Favorite snowball flavor …  Pink Lady topped with condensed milk J

She believes the best king cakes are found …  Keller’s Bakery – Amaretto Walnut

During ULL games, you’ll find her …  Roaming the sites visiting friends and family with cocktail in hand

Raising kids in Lafayette is exactly what my Cajun heart always wanted. Bringing my children up with live local music, festivals all weekend, family friendly sporting events, family at every corner, amazing food and all the culture!


  1. Yay!! I’m so excited to join the team and get to know the other moms! I’m also excited to taste test all of these king cake suggestions. 🙂


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