Why Your Backyard Needs A Pizza Oven

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Why Your Backyard Needs A Pizza Oven

Why Your Backyard Needs A Pizza Oven

For many months, my husband researched pizza ovens and asked my thoughts about our family purchasing an Ooni Pizza Oven for our backyard. At first, I was hesitant because, within our small back patio, we were already housing a barbecue pit, a pellet grill, and a mid-sized picnic table, making the patio space very tight. However, when my husband decided to give away his barbecue pit since it was not getting frequent use, that physical space opened up, and I was willing to give the pizza oven a try!

Little did I know that this pizza oven would start a special culture in our household.

We have had more family pizza nights than I can count, and on almost any given night, we always have enough ingredients on hand to invite friends and family to make pizza with us!

My husband and oldest daughter cook and bake together regularly, but since getting the pizza oven, pizza-making has become a particularly special activity they love to do together. Our 4-year-old can now make her own pizza from start to finish, including sprinkling flour on her surface, rolling her dough, and putting toppings on the pizza.

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One of the unique aspects of the Ooni Pizza Oven is that it cooks a whole pizza in literally 60 seconds. This blew my mind at first, but after several trial runs of going slightly over 60 seconds, we learned that 60 seconds is truly the limit! The pizza oven reaches an internal temperature of almost 1,000 degrees, so a quick cooking time is key.

Something else to consider with the pizza oven is which surface you will house it on. Some backyards may have an outdoor kitchen area with a countertop already present. This would be a great place to put your pizza oven. For us, we purchased an outdoor grilling cart with a cart cover to keep our pizza oven on. The pizza oven cover was also an important purchase for us to protect the oven from outdoor elements. Other pizza oven accessories needed to streamline your pizza-making experience are the pizza peel, a bamboo tray for prepping and serving the pizza, wood pellets, and a pizza cutter wheel.

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If you are looking for an appliance that will bring your family and community closer together, you should consider purchasing a pizza oven for your backyard!

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