Is “Busy” a New Status? {A Course in Time Management}

When inquiring how someone is doing, being “busy” is becoming a popular and accepted response. What does being busy really describe? And, is being busy a good thing? There is an undertone that being busy is some how connected to having a full and productive life. But does it?  

I am guilty of using busy as a response myself. Franky, I don’t like it. Busy gives the inquirer no information about me, how I am doing, or what I am up to in the world. It almost says that I don’t have time to converse with the inquirer. I have come to the conclusion that something has to improve in the area of time management in my life. It’s either that I am a master procrastinator, highly distract-able, or I have an overloaded calendar. Or maybe, all three offer insight into the culprit of my busyness. 

Living Under Pressure

If you are an active mom, there is no doubt there are times that you are living under pressure. Heck, just waking up, packing lunches, getting everyone dressed and out of the door on time can be and act of Congress some mornings. Then, there is car line to changing clothes for after school activities. There is a hustle involved at some level just getting done what needs to be done.

I wonder, is there a way to release some of this pressure? I am not sure what the future holds, but as for today, we are limiting H to one after school activity a week. It all can be too much, and there is pressure surrounding what activities your child is involved in and where and who they practice their activities with.   


Procrastination according to Merriam-Webster is “to put something off intentionally or habitually.” Well, there you go. Are the things I am procrastinating on the things that shouldn’t be on my schedule anyway? Cleaning the stove doesn’t rank high on the list of things I love to do; however, I have to do the task. The short lived tasks seem to offer me more get up and go. Now, ask me to polish the silver, and I’ll just pretend I don’t see it.

Procrastination is sitting by when action can be taken on a goal or task. I am the queen of procrastinating. I have finally, and just recently, thrown in the towel to recognize when I am procrastinating and stop. It’s that simple. STOP PROCRASTINATING and get busy doing what you should be doing. This choice will give you more time to relax and not be busy. Genius right? Well, I know it’s not that easy.

Highly Distracted

I am highly distract-able. My husband will confirm that statement. He may even give you his famous example of me half way unloading the dishwasher, while moving on to folding the towels and before that’s done, does the dog need to be fed? Today they may call that ADD. When I was young, we weren’t labeled; we just dealt with it. I remember some therapist along the way suggesting I put sticky notes to remind myself to stay focused. Oh, ok. I’d have so many sticky notes around the house some might mistake them for decorations. I do still put sticky notes on the back door so I don’t forget things, and as silly as it looks, it works!

This helps my busyness by keeping me focused. I don’t have to walk in the house 3 times after leaving because I forgot things. Or, I don’t have to run back home after bringing H’s school to retrieve something I forgot. More time equals less busyness. 

A Loaded Calendar

I couldn’t sleep last night just pondering my upcoming spring schedule. It is overwhelming just to look at it. And the only person to blame is me. I created the busyness and frankly, at this moment, I regret taking on a few things. Then there is the guilt of backing out after saying yes. 

The good news is I have a plan to stay on task and work one day at a time. 

I am all three…

In conclusion, I procrastinate, I am highly distract-able and I overload my calendar. Thus, time management is a struggle. I can manifest change and create the life I desire. Busyness is not for me. I want to be balanced. 

Grabbing tight and focusing on my goals to out play procrastination and those testy distractions will be a test. Furthermore, it’s not the end of the world if I can’t make every event on my calendar. I am recommitting to the things I am a “yes” for being and doing.  The other commitments will fall off as they may. I am letting them go to remain true to myself and to be less busy and more balanced. 

Alison is a Lafayette native and is proud to be a member of the last graduating class of USL (University of Southwestern Louisiana.) Alison received her degree in Interior Design and has affection for all things creative. Alison says there is no other place to raise her daughter, Helena, with her husband, Tim, then the community that knows and loves her family. Alison’s affection toward all things creative took a turn toward food when she was diagnosed as gluten intolerant and moved into full force when Helena’s dairy intolerance was discovered. Alison opened her kitchen in July of 2017 to share with the world what she has been up to in her food blog, Savoring Presence. Besides being active in her kitchen, Alison can be found practicing yoga and pilates, playing tennis, gardening, painting, and volunteering. Alison is a room mom, an active past president of the Junior League of Lafayette and serves on the Board of Directors at Catholic Services.


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