An Open Letter to Government Officials Concerning School Shootings

Dear Government Officials (the ones with actual power to change policy for the better),

As a mother, I am deeply disturbed by the continuing trend of school shootings in our country. It is intolerable that our children are being put in harm’s way while attending school, and yet it seems like little has been done to prevent these tragedies from happening.

It is disheartening to see that some government officials seem to be complacent on this issue, even as the number of school shootings continues to rise! According to recent statistics, there have already been 13 school shootings in the United States in 2023 alone and we are only in March! Thirteen incidents where children have been put in harm’s way, injured, or died!

While our children’s safety should be a top priority, it seems like some officials are more concerned with issues like TikTok than they are with the safety of our schools.

As a concerned mother, I urge you to prioritize the safety of our children and take meaningful action to prevent school shootings from happening. We need stricter gun laws, better mental health resources, and increased security measures at our schools. Our children deserve to feel safe and secure while attending school, and it is up to you to make sure that happens.

Please do not let this issue fall by the wayside. We cannot afford to wait for another tragedy to happen before we take action. Our children’s lives are at stake, and we need our government officials to act with urgency to prevent school shootings from happening.


All the concerned mothers!

Marissa Winters
Marissa has lived in Lafayette since 2014 and quickly fell in love with Louisiana culture, community spirit and the amazing food!! Marissa is the Director of Healthy Acadiana at the United Way of Acadiana and loves to be the helper. Marissa has a 5 year old named Jackson and absolutely loves being his Mama. Follow along with them as they navigate the waters of school, co-parenting, and so much more.