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Change is good. With change comes growth. A new season in life that presents budding possibilities but is also partnered with many struggles and obstacles to an otherwise accustomed way of being. So, it comes as no surprise when I tell you we recently changed our family’s routine; turned it on it’s head really, and the struggle is real, ya’ll!

I’ve always been a planner … until I had children. There is a certain “everything will be okay” mentality I have adopted when it comes to minute day to day occurrences that are out of my control. But I believe it is important to keep order and structure within the realm of daily aspects that I CAN control. AKA: keeping the peace within my family dynamic.

Establishing a morning and bedtime routine is paramount for the success (and sanity) of the family unit. Here are the ways our morning and bedtime routines have changed, what we must accomplish within a set time, and how I plan on assisting my family through all the daily changes taking place. If they don’t help … will you bring me all the wine?! When it rains, it pours, right?


Recently, my husband and I have both made career shifts that affect our schedules in different ways. His change affects our family’s morning routine. He accepted a new position in town, but at an earlier start time, requiring the alarm to be set substantially earlier to our prior “normal” wake up time. This is a rough transition for all of us, as we are all acclimated to waking up after the sun. With a few minor adjustments, I think we can be set on a more reasonable track with morning tasks and duties and not feel so rushed out the door.

4:45am – His alarm goes off

5:00am – His morning starts

5:15am – My alarm goes off

5:30am – I actually wake up (‘cuz you know I have to hit the snooze at least once)

5:45am – The girls’ morning starts

6:00am – Breakfast / Vitamins (opt for quick and as nutritious as possible)

6:15am – Aim to be out the door!

We divvy up the drop off / pick up duties to allow us both “alone time” with the girls. I handle drop offs and hubby catches pick ups.


My oldest daughter started first grade. That looks like: no naps and more homework. More time is needed for reading, math ditto sheets, and religion study guides in the evenings. As full time working parents, I wish we could stretch the evening hours, but unfortunately that just isn’t humanly possible.

This year, I made the tough but wise decision to not plan any regular weekly extracurricular activities after school. They just don’t work with our family routine at this time. It has been a struggle for my oldest to accept, but right now establishing a good and healthy routine that instills a sense of accomplishment, aids in the foundation of productive study habits, and affords her the required amount of rest for her growing first grade body is our primary focus.

Also, our youngest daughter started sleeping in her “big girl” bed … need I say more?

4:00pm – Hubby gets off and heads to pick up the girls

4:30pm/5:00pm – I get off of work and head home

5:45pm – Dinner (we MUST write down what we will eat for the week, or else it’s pb&j’s x’s 5)

6:15pm – Homework

6:30pm – Bath & Story Time (double up an AR book as a bedtime story – win/win)

7:00pm – Bedtime Snuggles

7:45pm – Girls are asleep

8:00pm-10:00pm – Mom & Dad time

Overall, we must divide and conquer while trying to keep meltdowns at bay and stay on schedule as best as possible. My husband and I have a shared Google calendar that keeps us both in the know about important dates, events, or meetings that may require a routine shift. I’ve just downloaded the Cozi Family Organizer App and want to give it a whirl for synching those calendars as well as a to do list, grocery lists and new recipes to try, meals to pick up,  etc. I’ll let ya know if it helps!

What are some of your “go to” weekday routine aids or successful schedule shifts you have made so far this school year?

Christy Loustalot
Christy is a fun-loving wife and mother of two little ladies Amelia (7) and Gwendolyn (3) currently residing in Broussard. She met her husband, Thomas, through Greek life in college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the rest, as they say, is history. Christy is the Lead Designer at Confetti Momma. She is obsessed with her job and is currently working on developing the perfect balance between work and home life. Being a little bit corny and a LOT cheesy, she lives for the laugh and appreciates a good pun. Making people smile gives her the warm fuzzies. Christy loves baking with her daughters, Gilmore Girls, game nights with friends, and all things frozen (as in ice cream and snowballs- although Anna and Elsa are her home girls). Oh! And coffee … lets not forget coffee!


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