Happy Father’s Day to Our Favorite Girl Dad

If you’re wondering, we have the best #GirlDad of them all.

On this Father’s Day, we want to wish you the happiest of days and tell you exactly why we love you. You have all of the patience, love, support, and guidance our kids need. You exceed all expectations of being a father.

Everything it takes to be the best dad, you have it.

Patience. I’ve never seen a man radiate as much patience as my husband. He will let a 2 hour project take 2 days if his girls want to help. If they have questions, he never “doesn’t know”. I watch him conduct google searches on such a frequent basis to find the best answers.

Love. Our girls will never wonder what love is. I watch him squeeze all four of his girls on his lap and snuggle them. He’s the king of snuggles, if you ask any of our girls what they love most – it’s his snuggles. As much as they say they hate him picking on them, I hear them belly laugh when he calls them the silliest of names.

Support. He supports all of their dreams. You will find him at every game, performance, or ceremony. He happily spends hours with them helping them master new skills. He is always honest with them; telling them where they can improve and celebrating their accomplishments.

Guidance. Dads are usually quick to “know best” and tell you exactly what to do; not this guy. He will walk our girls through every possible scenario and help them make the best decision. He helps them learn to reason and think things through. He’s teaching them how to make informed and responsible decisions. Do they always get it right? Absolutely not! Dad is always there to pick them up when they fall though.

This man exceeds all expectations of being a father.

We couldn’t have hand crafted a better dad. There is no one else more suited for this duty than you. We love you endlessly and hope we can reciprocate just half the love you give all of us. Happy Father’s Day to the best girl dad there is.


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