I Don’t Need a Son

“Another girl? Hopefully the ultrasound is wrong!”

I just stared at the grocery store cashier in shock. I was dumbfounded that this perfect stranger felt so comfortable weighing in on the gender of my unborn child. I couldn’t believe that she thought having all daughters was in any way undesirable.

Sadly, she wasn’t the only one who had voiced this disdain. In fact, some of our closest friends and relatives openly expressed disappointment when we shared that our second child was another girl.

Not Enough?

The most frequent comment we received was, “I guess now you’ll have to try for a third!”

Why? Are we not really parents until we conceive a son? Do our daughters somehow not count? What would I be communicating to my daughters if they knew we were only having more children in an effort to have a son?

I once heard a pastor “joke” that parents who have all girls are being punished for past sins. So, now girls are not only a disappointment, but they’re a PUNISHMENT? What exactly is the reason that we place such a high value on the life of a boy and not of a girl? What makes her the less desirable gender in the eyes of so many?

More Than Enough

Neither my husband nor I have ever felt like we are missing out on a single thing by having daughters. We include them in our interests and hobbies, and we excitedly dive into theirs. They love to fish, dig in the dirt, and play with race cars and soccer balls. They also love to dress up in princess dresses, play mommy and baby, and pretend to apply makeup.

They are smart, funny, brave, kind, adventurous, creative, polite, and everything we ever wanted in our children. We love every single thing about our daughters, and we constantly tell them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14)


When my husband and I were ready to have children, that’s exactly what we prayed for — children. We wanted a family. And that’s what we got.

We don’t need a son. Our family is perfect to us, and we are beyond blessed to have our girls. They are so much more than anything we could have ever hoped for.

And there isn’t a single part of us that wishes for anything else.