My OB is My Champion

This is not at all in any way, shape, or form sponsored. But, I did get a pretty cute baby out of the deal. 

Here in Lafayette, we tend to have strong feelings about our OBs and the hospitals at which they deliver. And honestly, I hesitate a tad to even share this with y’all because I don’t want his waiting room to fill up like others I have been in for hours and I do not know if I really want to share. But if sharing can help one mama have the experience that I had —

I have given birth 3 times — two c-sections and one vaginal birth.

I have delivered at both Lafayette General Hospital and Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

I have seen 6 different OBs and a maternal fetal medicine doctor.

My current OB  and the OB who delivered my baby on October 23, 2019 — Dr. Frank Calliet — is my champion.

Soon after I delivered Fitzgerald (Fitz) 7 months ago, I was overwhelmed with the need to write Dr. Calliet a thank you note. I printed one of our delivery pictures for him and sat down to write the note. But truly, I was lost for words. Can ya believe it?!


When Fitz was 4 months old, I sat down and tried to write it again. I didn’t have the words to express the utter joy and gratefulness I was feeling.

At 6 months old, I added a current picture of Fitz to the delivery picture in the envelope and tried to write the note again. I still could not do it.

Here is the deal — when Dr. Calliet first saw me, I was already not your run of the mill “call me when you get pregnant” kind of patient. I had been through a really rough delivery with my first baby 2.5 years before that included 2 ICU visits, 13 units of blood, and a 4 month outpatient/home health stay. I had then lost a baby at 19.2 weeks due to incompetent cervix the year before.

I was A LOT to take in and to take care of. I knew that and I am sure he knew it after the almost hour he spent with me the first time I saw him. And I will add that out of the 5 OBs I had seen before him, none had spent half that time with me.

He continued to see me regularly as if I was a normal patient and aided in us getting pregnant with Fitz. But when I got pregnant, I knew with 100% certainty that he had my back. I saw him at least once a month in the beginning but sometimes saw him weekly due to my pregnancy after loss anxiety. At the end of my pregnancy, I saw him twice a week. I saw him no less than 30 times during my pregnancy all while I was also seeing a maternal fetal medicine doctor.

He entertained every expectation and every fear. He continually made me feel like my feelings and concerns were valid. Not once did he make me feel like I was being ridiculous. And y’all, I was most certainly being ridiculous and anxiety-driven. He would tell me the best case scenario but would also make sure we were both on the same page about the likelihood of the not so great scenarios. He had the most recent research and the statistics always on hand.

He even talked LSU and UL sports with my husband, who was always by my side.

I could go on and on about everything he did to make sure that we both made it to delivery day to deliver a happy and healthy baby. But my words would still not do my experience justice.

But here is the best part — I know that I am not special.

Sure, I was a complicated case that required more appointments and hands on care, but I also know that he gives each patient he sees the care that he gave me. I know he spends time with them, gets to know them, and addresses each concern.

I am so grateful. I am grateful that our rocky path led us to his office. I am grateful that Dr. Calliet is on our team and in our lives. He is stuck with us now for whatever our future may hold.

I hope you are as happy with you OB as I am with mine. I hope your OB is your champion. And if not, I hope to see you in Dr. C’s waiting room.


Rebecca is an attorney by day and a toddler wrangler by night. She is a product of divorced parents and grew up in both Thibodaux and Franklin, Louisiana. Rebecca attended Loyola University of New Orleans and Southern University Law Center. Rebecca married her high school bestie in 2012. Quinton and Rebecca went through months of infertility before giving birth to Maxwell Lincoln in 2015. In 2016, they were surprised by a baby boy due in June 2017. But, in February 2017, they suffered with incompetent cervix and delivered sweet Theodore Paul too soon. In October 2018, after an incredibly difficult pregnancy, a cerclage, and a whole bunch of bedrest, Fitzgerald Joseph was born -- a happy, healthy, and perfect rainbow. If you can't find Rebecca, you can summon her with pot of freshly brewed coffee or look for her in Target or behind the kitchen island where she is hiding from her kids with a very generous pour of red.


  1. I am so glad to read this article. Dr. Caillet has been my doctor too through plenty of crazy pregnancies similar to yours. I have always said he is an amazing doctor. He goes above and beyond each time. He has such an easy disposition that when things do get hectic, and they surely did with mine, he has the ability to make everyone feel calm. Exceptional doctor and a great article!

  2. I have been one of Dr. Caillet’s patient for about 9 years now (two pregnancies/ deliveries and one miscarriage) and I cannot explain how completely outstanding he is. If every doctor was only a fraction as caring, dedicated, and amazing as Dr. Caillet, the medical field would be a totally different place. I honestly wish he could be my families’ doctor for everything because he is that incredible! He answers every question you may have and is very thorough when explaining. Thank you for writing this article about him, because the way you describe him is completely true. There are no words to explain how thankful I am that others appreciate him as much as my family does, and thankful for Dr Caillet and his whole office!

  3. He delivered my son as well, handing me a massive 10lb baby boy that turned 7 just yesterday. I know my body could not have delivered this baby on my own, I’m thankful for him, his expertise and ability to do his job as well as he does. He’s been my OB for 16 years! Thanks for writing this article!

  4. There are no words for the respect and confidence I have in the care Dr Caillet gave me during my twin pregnancy and delivery and continues to give me today as his gynecological patient. I carried twins to 37.5 weeks in his care, had a little hiccough with preeclampsia which he monitored and handled in stride. He delivered 2 healthy baby girls ( the 2nd was breach) vaginally. He worked closely with Dr Barrilleaux to ensure all was well during the entire pregnancy. He was calm and had an ease that comforted me and my type A control everything self. Best OB ever!!!

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