The Best of Lafayette Mom :: The Top 10 Posts of 2020

The 10 most popular blog posts published in 2020 on Lafayette Mom, determined by page views. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more.

This past year certainly brought challenges no one could have predicted and it’s certainly a year that will be talked about for a long time to come. As this year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to say how much we truly value, appreciate and respect each and every one of you.

We also wanted to share the 10 most popular blog posts of 2020, determined by page views. They are stories of faith, humor, loss, marriage, motherhood and so much more. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did.

top 10 posts of 2020Top 10 Posts of 2020

1. Dear Vanessa Bryant, I Hope Your Tribe is Holding You Tight

“You don’t know me and I don’t know you. It’s unlikely we will ever cross paths. Truly, I don’t even know anything about you aside from what I’ve read today in the news. Today though, you’re on my heart as if you were one of my own. As the news unravels and recounts your loss – sweet 13-year-old Gianna, who I hear you called Gigi, and your husband Kobe – I am heartbroken for you the most of anyone.” Read more…

basketball goal at sunset

2. To the Wives of the Oilfield

“To the wives of the oilfield, I know this is all scary – times two.

Lay-offs are everywhere, and not just only in the oil industry, but we can’t help but get a little more scared with every cent that the price of gas goes down.

It’s already affected my parents.” Read more…

oil rig in middle of gulf

3. The Great Mask Debate

“My second daughter was born three weeks early. She spent four days in the NICU. No time at all in the world of premature babies, but it felt like a lifetime to me. She also happened to be born during cold and flu season. During our hospital stay, anyone who wanted to visit her had to scrub down as if going into surgery and use what felt like a few bottles of hand sanitizer.” Read more…woman in face mask

4. Unexpectedly Becoming a WAP Warrior

“I can’t believe I just typed all of this here. But alas, it’s 2020, and the song is catchy. And while my children will not be hearing these lyrics anytime in the next 5-10 years, and I understand the outrage that comes from hearing these words set to a good beat that makes you wanna sing along, I feel like this song is important, in a ridiculous way.” Read more…

mop leaning against a beige wall

5. Chrissy, John, Luna, Miles, and JACK

“You have done such an awe-inspiring job showing the World that despite your fame, you are are not immune to the battles that some of us fight everyday.

I have felt connected to you although we are very different.

But, I never intended to be this connected to you.

I never hoped to know you this well.Read more…

Tiegen family after stillbirth

6. School is Closed :: Survival Tips from a Homeschool Mom

“Whether you are a better safe than sorry, or a wait it out and see mom, they have decided that for everyone’s safety, schools are closed.

Now what? 

Homeschool mom to the rescue with survival tips!” Read more…

7. We Will Get Through This :: To the Wives of the Oilfield

“After hearing of the prices of oil drop today, I am terrified. What these three babies don’t know is how much we depend on that oilfield job. How this job has given us the house, the memories, the ability to be comfortable for all these years. Like many other oilfield mamas the news of the price and oil drop is scary. I know I’m not alone in this worry, but I am petrified nonetheless.” Read more…

oil rig at sunset

8. White Moms, Let’s Be Part of the Solution

“As moms, we can end generational prejudices by starting conversations about racism with our kids. They pick up and understand more than we give them credit for – good or bad – so, let’s make it good. Start by having one conversation and then another…

As white mamas talking to our white kids, how will we know what to say?” Read more…

9. Dear “Infertile” Friend, I’m Waiting For You

I want you to know that you don’t deserve this heartache – this weight of waiting. Since I’ve known you (which is a very long time), you’ve always taken care of everyone around you. You were born to love others. You were born with a natural, effortless maternal instinct, and your time to love your own little one will come.” Read more…

10. All Hail ‘the “Pig!’

“Just this morning, with news of positive cases hitting closer to home, I ventured out to my local Piggly Wiggly to restock on a few essentials. It was before 8:00 and it-was-hoppin’. (That’s a Frog Capital reference for you.) I pass this place literally every time I leave my house; it’s exactly 0.5 miles from my driveway. I know the busy hours, and that isn’t one of them. But let’s be honest, everything has changed.” Read more…

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From all of us at Lafayette Mom, THANK YOU for reading and we wish you a Happy New Year! 


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