To My Girl, I Hope You Dance

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. BRA-VO.

Whichever side of the performance you’re on – thinking it was too risqué or perfection – can we just agree to all respect the work that the performance took?

When I was in high school, I worked so incredibly hard to make our dance line. It was an honor to have a place on the team, and we were good. We practiced for two hours a day during the school week and had EARLY morning “two-a-days” during the summer break. My body worked hard, my body was toned, and most days my body was tired.

But I loved it.

My very first performance was a hip-hop routine, and after we walked off of the basketball court, my grandmother came to me and whispered: “I told you I didn’t want you out there shaking your booty.”

But I shook it, and I shook it well! Along with a group of other girls who worked really hard to “shake it” in sync and perfectly.

Opinions didn’t change the fact that we worked. Opinions didn’t change the feeling of accomplishment. Opinions didn’t erase how elated I was to be on the team. I respect my grandmother’s opinion above anyone else’s, but it didn’t “shake” me. (See what I did there?)

Now that I’m a mom, I don’t necessarily hope my daughter is a famous performer known for sex-appeal. That’s definitely not on the list of things I pray for at night…

However, I do hope she finds confidence, something she’s proud of, something worth working for. Something that fills her up and makes her radiate with her own kind of happiness.

If she somehow happens to be performing at the age of 50, I would still be right there in the stands, cheering her on. I will cheer for anything that brings her fulfillment.

To my girl,

I hope you sing.

I hope you dance.

I hope you do whatever makes your heart burst with joy.

I hope you do it all – not quite like JLo or Shakira – but with confidence all of your own, at age 5 or at 50. I’ll be right here cheering.

Lauren Curet
Lauren, a Shreveport, Louisiana native, moved south in the summer of 2010 to attend University of Louisiana at Lafayette. In the fall of 2011, she laid eyes on Ross Curet, her now husband of 4 years. It was the closest possible scenario of "love at first sight". Lauren is a stay-at-home mom of their two children - Maddox, 2 years old, and Regan Evangeline, born in May of 2019. Building a family and home with her husband is her greatest joy and accomplishment! When she isn’t changing diapers, you can find Lauren shopping BST pages, traveling all over Louisiana to visit family, out and about in the stores of Lafayette (carrying a toddler on her hip and an infant in her arms), or in the CC's Coffee drive-thru. Extra shots of espresso, please!


  1. “Not quite like JLo or Shakira” / “known for sex appeal”? Wow–nice digs. I’m assuming you have no idea of Shakira’s philanthropic work, or her constant efforts to raise awareness, advocacy and promote change in the Latin/Hispanic communities; or her Barefoot Foundation. JLo’s philanthropic roots run even deeper. These two strong, Latin women sent powerful messages last night. If all you saw was shaking bottoms and costumes, I feel for you. I’m hoping you don’t tune in to “Dancing with the Stars”–since those costumes and dance moves aren’t much different. Have you looked into the Latino culture, at all–the intricate footwork and the origins of some of the dances performed? Did you consider the powerful immigration and equal rights messages being sent out to millions of viewers on the highest rated/watched televised event of the year? Children in cages, that we apparently accept in our country; the dual flags representative of the foundation of our country… This performance was huge. Two female Latin headliners with latin guests–this has never happened before. JLo and her daughter were part of history. And as someone of proud latin origin, with immigrant parents, your post shows very little knowledge or consideration of anything more than surface value. Disappointed to see this pop up through a BR Moms page. This is not what I would have hoped to represent us moms, as a whole.


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