Where is the Adult? {Moments of Insanity in Motherhood}

Some days I consider myself a well put together, capable woman. However, there are days I look around my home and think to myself, “Who thought it was a good idea to leave me in charge of all these children?” Scanning the room to realize that I am the only adult in control is laughable. Don’t get me wrong, I am smart, handy, creative, and strong, but I am also tired, unorganized, forgetful, and a bit crazy.

No doubt you have been in a situation where you have found yourself thinking “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” only to be smacked in the face with the harsh reality that the ‘adult’ is YOU. I thought I’d share a few of those classic moments with you in hopes that you can relate.

First Baby Day 1

By day one I mean the day that you came home from the hospital or birth center or wherever. I remember bringing my daughter home, just me and my husband. We brought her in the house, laid her in the Rock-n-Play fast asleep, and then sat there staring at her. The adrenaline from the car ride had waned but the hormones were still raging. Now what? What do we do now? Who left us alone with this child? “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” to tell us what to do next?

Home Alone Poop Show

That moment. That dreaded moment. There is poop where poop should never be. No person should have to deal with that amount of poop. You stop for just a moment to look for someone, anyone, to come and rescue you. “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” But alas, it is only you, the child of misfortune and their dirty deed. The last time this happened to me it was on my foot. I’ll let you fill in the details.

Christmas Chaos

This one may or may not apply to everyone. Some of us live with another helpful adult in our homes during the holiday season and some of us live with our husbands. Between the school activities, church plays, presents and travel, it can drive a person mad. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” that should be handling all this madness while I just enjoy that holiday season.

Puke Belts

I’m referring to the time your kid got the stomach bug IN THE CAR. NOPE. Not doing it. “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” to come disinfect my life. It’s in the car seat belts for crying out loud!! The to do list that your mind is racing through as you are driving home as quickly as possible is extraordinary. You might as well call Serv-Pro to meet you at your house.


Seriously, if you still only have babies or toddlers just get ready. May is OUT OF CONTROL! I look at my calendar and think “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” that is going to help me get ALL of this done. I literally cannot be in two places at once. Mad respect for you moms of teenagers that have been doing this month for years!

Motherhood is bananas. The things we are required to do just to survive boggle the mind! So, the next time your foot steps in something gross on your floor that shouldn’t be there, and you start thinking “WHERE IS THE ADULT?” remember that you are AMAZING! You made it happen before and you’ll make it happen again. Honestly, that’s why our kids love us so much at the end of the day! Because they don’t want just some adult: they want MOM taking care of them!

Wendy Lomenick
Wendy is a Mississippi girl transplanted here in Cajun country by way of Alabama. Wendy moved to Lafayette over 4 years ago with her husband, the ship builder, and their baby girl. It didn’t take long before she had fully embraced the culture and added two Cajun boys to her family! Now her family of five enjoys all things Lafayette, from Friday night zydeco dancing at Randol’s to Saturday morning farmers markets at the horse farm and Festival International. Wendy is a stay at home to her three kids, but she’s always working that side hustle. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong. She owns and operates Bearly Bayou. Wendy combines her knack for business and creativity into one outlet, making and selling hand painted wooden door hangers. When she’s not being a full-time mom, wife and entrepreneur, she spends her time at church singing, at dinner gabbing and at home cleaning (haha…no).