A Good Wax: Something I Never Thought I Needed, Until I Had One

Disclosure :: This post was sponsored by Waxing the City of Lafayette but all opinions are my own. 

A Good Wax: Something I Never Thought I Needed, Until I Had One

I am a 33 year old mother of 2 girls.

I have survived middle school, a wedding to my dear husband, 2 pregnancies, and turning 30 without EVER having a single body part waxed. I usually brag to people, especially my sister, that I don’t need to wax any of my parts. I’m just not hairy. Thankfully, I do have a decent head of hair, but who wants to wax that?!

When the opportunity came up to try Waxing the City, I’m not going to say I jumped at the opportunity, but I did volunteer, and was somewhat excited about trying out waxing, as opposed to a quick shave. Old dog, new tricks right?!

I’ve heard horror stories about waxing anything, from eyebrows to other special parts….full disclosure: I went for the Brazilian. Go big or go home! Comments I received before my trip included, but are not limited to, “OMG, it’s going to hurt so bad.” “Wine and/or Advil before. You won’t regret it.” “It’s not that bad, I promise.” Needless to say, I was pretty terrified before I went in to Waxing the City.

Upon signing in, I answered a lot of questions regarding my skin sensitivity, medications, and other skin related questions.

These questions did little to ease my mind, but did confirm that my appointment was with a professional, experienced, well trained facility. They were very thorough without being too invasive.  (FYI: If you are on any sort of acne medication (I’m talking Accutane, etc), then waxing may not be for you.)

It would be best practice to disclose this and any other possible complications when you call to make an appointment.

Medications can thin your skin, and could cause irritation. I also learned, that waxing is totally fine while pregnant, and should I say so much easier (and safer) than bending all kinds of ways in the shower to reach everything. Again, just let them know when you schedule your appointment! The well informed receptionist will be able to help you with making the determination is waxing is a good idea or not.  

Another important factor is the last time you shaved.  If you’re planning on waxing your legs, etc before a big vacation, you need to be sure you let your hair grow out a little before you schedule your waxing appointment. Shaving before a wax pretty well makes the appointment null and void, as well as increases skin irritation. So, let it be for a week or two, then get a wax.

Back to my big adventure:I was immediately ushered to a clean, well decorated, private room. I was provided with a drape, cleansing cloth, and once again asked if I had any questions before we get started. For the sake of research (yeah right, I ALWAYS have questions), I asked lots of questions. Hannah was so patient and kind. She answered all my questions professionally, and explained everything step by step. As the process started, and continued, her description of this is a minimal pain area to this is going to hurt a little was totally accurate.

I will say, because the good people at Waxing the City are properly trained to do smaller sections at a time, the pain was way less than what I expected. 

I think it is totally appropriate to ask your waxing center if they are focused on time (meaning they do bigger wax sections aka more painful), or focused on taking a little longer to avoid bruising, etc. I would ask how long I should expect an appointment to take. If the receptionist says, “Oh, it will only be 15-25 minutes for anything (excluding eyebrows or lips)”, then run and hide, my friends. Run and hide!

Your skin will be sensitive. Before my appointment was complete, Hannah made sure I was satisfied, did a double check to make sure she didn’t miss anything, and lastly, made sure I knew what to do to avoid irritation over the next couple of days.  Hannah made sure I knew the rules (The receptionist also gave me a printout), since I was a total newbie. You should not go home and soak in a tub, for at least 24 hours. Also, do not plan any sort of strenuous activity for at least 6-8 hours. I’m not saying you can’t make a Target run, but exercising or running a marathon are not in the cards for at least a day. Exercise will heat up the skin, sweat and heat will irritate the area that has been freshly waxed. I was shocked to learn that basically, wax it and forget it. Sugar scrubs can help prevent ingrown hair, but you shouldn’t do that for a while either. Just normal wash for a couple of days, and you’re good to go!

Needless to say, the whole experience was much easier, comfortable, and far less painful that I expected.  I will definitely schedule an appointment next month. New customers at Waxing the City get 50% off a first time service. Summer is coming my friends, got to be ready!

Learn more about Waxing the City of Lafayette and book your new client appointment for 50% off HERE.

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