Juliet: Everything You Need to Know

Disclosure :: I received a free consultation and Juliet-the Feminine Laser treatment via Acadiana Women’s Health Group. This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own. A laser for your vagina, everything you need to know

A Laser for Your Vagina: Everything You Need to Know

So, I know all about shaving, waxing and general ‘down there’ maintenance. We’ve all read the magazines and beauty blogs. What I didn’t know much about was vaginal rejuvenation with the Juliet laser. I really wasn’t sure, is this a facial for my vagina? Is this about form or function? Is this just for menopausal women? Is it actually going to do anything? Is it going to hurt? Well lucky for you, I took the plunge and did some investigating to get all these questions answered!

Acadiana Women’s Health Group located next to Women’s and Children’s Hospital is now offering the Juliet laser for vaginal rejuvenation. My OB/Gyn, Dr. King, is a part of that group so I scheduled my annual check up and my free consultation at the same time. Don’t worry if your OB/Gyn doesn’t practice at Acadiana Women’s Health Group. When you call to schedule your consultation, you can either request the doctor of your choice or they will schedule you with the next available doctor. I’ve met and worked with many of the doctors in the group and have always had a great experience. Two different doctors delivered my boys and we had a blast each time! (It is important to note that you should be up to date on your pap smears before you schedule your Juliet laser appointment.)

At the consultation, Dr. King introduced me to the Juliet laser. As a 34-year-old mom of three I was really interested to hear how this vaginal laser was going to help me. In general, here are the three big points that I heard that day:

  • The Juliet laser can help with vaginal lubrication and dryness

  • The Juliet laser can help with vaginal tightening

  • The Juliet laser can help with mild stress urinary incontinence

So basically, as a young woman and mother of 3 this could mean better sex for me, better sex for my husband and I might just stop peeing my pants every time I jump up! Time to schedule that appointment!

As appointment day approached, I was a little bit nervous about the fact that a laser was going to be inside my vagina. Nothing about that sounds pleasant. This is where my experience can take the fear out of this process for you. The laser is inserted into the vagina up to the cervix. After the laser goes through a cycle it is pulled out one centimeter at a time. This process is repeated twice through, once to tear down and once to build back up. The laser itself was virtually painless. If I can give you an idea of the sensation, it felt like someone knocking on the door to my cervix. There is a slight pinching sensation as the laser reaches closest to its exit, but even then it was more odd than awful.

Dr. King and I chatted as she performed the laser treatment on me. I found out some additional details that I think you’ll be interested in as well. She told me that the laser was actually created for menopausal women to help rebuild and strengthen the vaginal walls, as they tend to weaken and thin as we age. The results proved to be incredibly beneficial and had the side effect of improving urinary incontinence too. Since then, the laser has been offered to women that have experience chemotherapy and have been through childbirth. Each of these experiences in their own way change the body. The Juliet laser offers women a chance to take back their lives and their sexuality in a non-invasive, non-surgical way.

She made this comment and it has stuck with me still, “You know busy moms, they want to have sex but it often takes 15 minutes or more of foreplay to become lubricated. The laser can give you that time back.” I almost started crying right there on the table. What I actually said was, “So my vagina gets to be a teenager again?”

Post laser treatment there is a 3 day “nothing in the vagina” waiting period. Results are said to start almost immediately and continue to improve. It is recommended to have a second treatment done 4-6 weeks later, but sometimes just one will do the trick!

Ladies, we spend hundreds, if not thousands, each year on beauty products to try make ourselves feel good. In one trip to Acadiana Women’s Health Group for Juliet- the Feminine Laser, I took back control of my sex life! Now that’s something I KNOW will make me feel good!

Are you ready to learn more about Acadiana Women’s Health Group and the Juilet Feminine Laser?

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