tasc :: Not Your Dad’s Underwear

Disclosure :: tasc Performance sponsored this post, but all of the opinions are my own and I only wish I’d known about tasc sooner. 

tasc :: Not Your Dad’s Underwear

I have to be honest — I give my wife a hard time about her love for “fancy” underwear and socks. I tell her that she has a champagne taste on a beer budget. That is because I like to think of myself as a simple man. Just a short time ago, you would have found only Hanes and Fruit of the Loom in my underwear drawer. I knew no different and had no need to try anything else — what I was doing was working for me. 

But it was that champagne taste that got my wife to put a pair of “fancy” underwear in my stocking last Christmas. Man, that underwear was SOFT! The pair she purchased for me did not have a fly and I was not totally down with that, but I knew I could never go back to Hanes and Fruit of the Loom. So, there I was on a mission to broaden my underwear horizons and stretch that beer budget even further. 

Love at First Tight 

We have a mad love for bamboo clothing in our house, so I had previously purchased and loved clothing items by tasc before I tried the underwear. The incorporation of bamboo into their workout gear is not only better for our bodies, but it is also better for the environment. 

When I went on my mission to find the perfect pair of underwear with a fly opening, I knew tasc would have me covered. 

I have now tried three different types of their underwear, and I do not need to look any further. Each pair checks all of my necessary boxes and I am hooked. But, if you can only purchase one pair, get yourself or the guy in your life a pair of the Bam(Bare) Primaluxe Boxer Briefs. They are legit the best pair of underwear on the market. 

Bam(Bare) Boxer 

I am not a boxer kind of guy. I will sleep in boxers, but prefer to wear briefs during the day to prevent restriction, bunching, and too much fabric under my clothes. However, these are not problems you will face with the Bam(Bare) Boxer. The fabric is incredibly thin and insanely soft. There is so much stretch unlike the cotton boxers on the market. The waistband is not your classic piece of rough elastic, but is soft and comfortable. If you have a boxer wearing guy in your life, these will straight up change his life. 

Bam(Bare) Boxer Brief

When I started my search for the perfect underwear, this is what I was looking for. These beauties are softer than butter, have great stretch, have a soft waistband, and have the requisite fly. These are just fitted enough and truly feel like you are not wearing anything at all. The length of this just might be my favorite part. These are a bit longer than your typical boxer brief and hug the thigh just right. There is no riding up going on here. That is where the “love at first tight” comes in. I am a superfan of these and wish I had come across them sooner — or had not been so against a little extra luxury in my life.

Bam(Bare) Pimaluxe Boxer Brief

These are the true MVP. The breathability of this pair of underwear is like none other that I have come across. I want to use the word “mesh” when I describe them but that is doing them a huge disservice. We are not talking Jansport Booksack mesh here. The mesh lets all the air in and out while being the softest thing I have ever put on my body. I know I make these sound like they are too good to be true, so just go ahead and give them a try or just ask Santa. I would bet he is sporting a pair of these under that red suit. 

I am here for the MistleTOES

Now, here is where I got crazy. I fell in love with the underwear and had to give the socks a go. And look, I will admit . . . I am a sock diva. They do not have to be expensive socks but still must meet some pretty high standards.

For some reason and much to my wife’s horror, my toes eat through almost every pair of socks I wear. Not these. They have reinforced the toes of these socks with the softest armor you will ever find. Good for my feet, my shoes, and my marriage. 

I also like a good tight sock with good compression around the arch and on the calf if applicable. The tasc socks all offer great compression all around. I personally like the crew sock the best and think I can get away with wearing them to the office and will be even more efficient with better work papers (CPA joke). 

My favorite part about the tasc socks though is the seam at the toe. Tasc calls it a “flat toe seam,” which basically means there is no uncomfortable seam inside the toe of the sock. Instead, you get the perfect amount of study cushion. 

Now you are the one with the tasc…

I am here to tell you that every man and teenage boy on your Christmas gift list would love to receive a pair of tasc undies or socks this Christmas. I can tell you that I have received underwear and socks before for Christmas. I was never disappointed because I love to save a buck and receiving undies meant I did not have to spend money on them any time soon. But I was never excited to receive underwear and socks — until now. This ain’t your dad’s underwear. No fake smiles on Christmas morning with tasc in the stocking. I am hoping that my Santa has done a little shopping at tasc this Christmas. Rebecca Autin, are ya listening? 

Learn more about tasc Performance and shop using the links below and the code “MOMSBLOG-TASC18″ now through December 25th for 20% off of your entire order. 

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