Water Safety Matters, No Matter the Season:  Why Swimming Needs to be on your Fall Checklist

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Water Safety Matters, No Matter the Season:  Why Swimming Needs to be on your Fall Checklist

At Crawfish Aquatics, we believe that learning to swim is a long-term commitment, a skill worth investing in beyond the Summer months. This is why we offer 4 different swim lesson programs and 5 swim team levels to make it possible for parents to keep their children in the water, all year long!Water Safety Matters, No Matter the Season:  Why Swimming Needs to be on your Fall Checklist

Consider the benefits that swimming offers:

  • A solid investment. Consistent practice is the only way to retain swimming skills year round. Most swimmers who only attend lessons or participate in swim team during summer months do not retain their skills from summer to summer. Invest in developing this skill during the school year so you aren’t paying to start over each summer. This is more than a financial investment, this will give your child a life-saving skill!
  • Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4. This statistic does not change with the seasons. Water hazards can be found in backyard pools (residential and neighborhood), ponds, public fountains, even bathtubs. It is important to keep children active in the pool so they are always prepared for any water hazards they may encounter. Did you see this recent post about sweet Levi on Jacksonville Moms Blog? It makes our hearts physically ache. 
  • Swimming lessons promote children’s cognitive and physical development. It is also an activity that perfectly complements many other sports. It is a full body workout that builds endurance and increases flexibility.
  • Swimming boosts children’s immune systems during winter months! Keeping children in swimming year-round can also keep them out of the doctor’s office. Remember colds are caused by a virus, and temporarily wet hair or clothes will not increase their vulnerability. Moderate exercise is proven to help boost immune systems and keep children healthy. We heat the water and keep them moving.
  • Swimming is FUN! And not just for the swimmer. Parents will love watching their children grow in their aquatic skills, independence and confidence.

A developmental approach to swim team in the younger years:

  • Our swim team grouping is done by age, skill, desired time commitment and goals. It’s all about developing a child from where they are toward foundational skills that will serve them as long as they stay in the sport. And you don’t have to “only swim” to have success in the sport! Gone are the days when in order to be a swimmer you have commit to swimming two-a-days starting at age 12. You can have successes in the pool even while taking part in other sports and activities. And when you are ready to “go all in” with swim team, our advanced competitive groups offer competitive opportunities at the local, state, regional levels and beyond. This year Crawfish Aquatics finished first at the 8 & Under, 12 & Under and 13 & Older LA State Championships.

Ready to learn more or to make swimming a year round priority in your home? Online registration is happening now for Fall Swimming Lessons and Swim Team. Register online at www.crawfishaquatics.com or contact Crawfish Aquatics for a swim team group placement evaluation or more group placement details at [email protected].