Worth the Drive :: Kalahari Resorts, Round Rock, Texas

Worth the Drive :: Kalahari Resorts, Round Rock, Texas

Looking for the perfect weekend getaway? Our family recently had the pleasure of visiting Kalahari Resorts in Round Rock, Texas, and let me tell you, it was a blast! Just a six-hour drive from Lafayette, LA, this new location, which has been open for only a few years, offers an amazing blend of fun and relaxation. Is it worth the drive and the price? Absolutely, 100 percent yes!

The drive from Lafayette to Round Rock was surprisingly easy and enjoyable. We packed up the car with snacks, games, and our 3-year-old son’s favorite toys, and hit the road. With a planned stop to the infamous Buc-cee’s, the six hours flew by, filled with excitement as we anticipated the fun that awaited us at Kalahari Resorts.

As soon as we pulled up to Kalahari Resorts, we were impressed. The place is huge and beautifully maintained, with an immediate vibe of adventure and excitement. Check-in was smooth and quick, and the staff was super friendly, making us feel right at home from the start.

Comfortable and Family-Friendly

Our room was fantastic—spacious, clean, and decorated with a charming African theme that added a unique touch to our stay. It was clear that a lot of thought had gone into making the rooms comfortable and family-friendly. We had plenty of space for our little one to run around, and the beds were incredibly cozy, perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day full of activities.

Worth the Drive :: Kalahari Resorts, Round Rock, TexasWhen it comes to food, Kalahari Resorts has something for everyone. We enjoyed a variety of dining options right on the premises, which made it so convenient. Whether we were in the mood for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, there was always something delicious to satisfy our cravings. Our 3-year-old particularly loved the buffet with its endless choices of kid-friendly options.

One of the best parts of our trip was how much fun our 3-year-old had. Kalahari Resorts may be built for big fun, but there’s a lot of care and attention given to the little ones. The indoor water park, the largest in America, was a huge hit. Our son couldn’t get enough of the kid-sized slides, splash areas, and wave pools. Plus, there were plenty of lifeguards around, which gave us peace of mind.

Beyond the water park, there were so many other activities for him to enjoy. The resort features an array of interactive games, mini-golf, and even an arcade that kept our little one entertained for hours. The atmosphere was laid-back and welcoming, making it easy for us to jump into the fun without any stress.

Adventures for All Ageswaterpark, water park, resort, vacation, 6 hour drive from Lafayette, LA

For the older kids and adults, Kalahari Resorts doesn’t disappoint either. My husband and I took turns exploring the adventure park, which has everything from climbing walls to virtual reality experiences. Although we didn’t visit the spa this time, it’s definitely on our must-do list for our next visit. The array of treatments and relaxation options sound absolutely divine.

Our weekend at Kalahari Resorts was everything we hoped for and more. The resort is meticulously designed with families in mind, offering a perfect blend of activities, comfort, and convenience. The friendly staff, the clean and well-maintained facilities, and the plethora of activities made our stay unforgettable.

We loved how easy it was to get involved in all the activities, and the laid-back atmosphere made it a relaxing experience despite the packed itinerary. Our son had the time of his life, and we left with wonderful memories and a strong desire to return.

Worth Every Penny

In summary, Kalahari Resorts in Round Rock, Texas, is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway. The resort’s attention to detail, variety of activities for all ages, and overall welcoming atmosphere make it a top choice for families. The six-hour drive from Lafayette, LA, is more than worth it, offering a blend of fun and relaxation that is hard to beat. For anyone considering a trip, we highly recommend Kalahari Resorts – it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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