Think Big, Shop Small

Think Big, Shop Small

Supporting our local economy is so important and something I try to make an effort to do, especially around the holidays. I always feel good when I spend my money locally because it’s going back into Acadiana’s economy. According to Civic Economics “on average, 48% of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally, compared to less than 14% of purchases at chain stores.” You’re also helping these businesses to potentially create more job opportunities for Lafayette. And if you’re anything like me, you value excellent customer service. At a small business, they have a more hands-on approach, and they are more likely to make your experience stress free with their expertise and guidance.

Today is Shop Small Saturday, we can make the choice to either shop at a big box store or to invest in our region.

Here are some suggestions of where to shop small this season for all the kids, women, men and pets in you life:

I’m lucky enough to work side by side with business owners every day for my job. The risk they take and the passion they have inspires me daily. I love knowing that my money is going into their pockets and into my community.

Make the effort to shop small, y’all. It makes a difference. 

Simone Ancelet is a native of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and as a result, a crawfish boil enthusiast. She graduated from ULL with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities and a minor in French Studies. Honoring and preserving her Cajun culture is important to Simone. Her husband Louis is a native Cajun French speaker, and Simone is an alumna of the Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia where she spent five weeks immersed in the French language. Their fun-loving twin daughters, Isolde and Lissandre, have just begun their French immersion education at Myrtle Place Elementary and their baby boy, Elias can best be described as a ray of sunshine.. The Ancelets are settled in Scott, Louisiana AKA The Boudin Capital of the World. As a young full-time working mother, Simone is navigating work/life balance while trying to advance in her career and raise tiny humans. She enjoys perfect weather, laughter with friends and family, South Louisiana festivals, and story-telling with dramatic hand gestures. Simone is eager to share the joie de maternité and her passion for the Cajun heritage with her readers.


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