A Letter to My Children During This Pandemic

I know that you are young and don’t understand the complexities of the world yet, and for that I am jealous. I know that you don’t quite understand what is happening around you, and to be honest, I hope it stays that way, but during this time I have a few hopes and wishes for you both:

I hope that when you look back on these times you don’t remember the fear, the panic, and the worry.

I hope that you don’t remember any of the scary things you see or hear others talk about.

I hope you remember that you had mommy and daddy home with you, that you got to play outside every day for most of the day, and that we stayed home and watched movies.

I hope your daily schedule hasn’t been too messed up and that you are still having a happy life.

I hope that you continue to laugh each day because that is what gets me through the toughest times.

Yes, we didn’t get to go to the park or to the zoo, but we went on walks and visited with neighbors. During this time we have met more children in our neighborhood then we ever have before.

I hope that you feel safe and loved because that is all I want for you.

I hope that you are not impacted by this virus and that your precious world stays the same.

I hope that when you learn about this time later on in life, you understand the gravity of the situation and that you never take anything for granted.

I hope that you remember this time as a time of laughter, a time of relaxation, a time spent with family, and a time that lots of good memories were made.

I hope you know above all how loved you are!

Elle, a New Orleans native, loves being a mom while growing her career at a local Catholic Elementary School. She loves working and volunteering in the community but can't wait to come home and spend time with her boys Charlie and Andy. Elle met her husband, Fletcher, in 2013 while she was attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When she met him she knew that her life would never be boring again. She loves calling Lafayette home and is very excited she gets to raise her children here.


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