Is Family Game Night Still a Thing?

Is Family Game Night Still a Thing?

No one prepared me to be the mom of teenagers.

It felt like the stage of diapers and carseats and sippy cups would last forever.

But it didn’t.

It was over in a flash, and now here we are trying to figure out what car she will drive when she gets her license in the near future. And then what will her brother drive? And then another driver? Oh my.

Those are decisions that are not upon us yet, thankfully, but they are quickly approaching.

For now, we are dealing with cell phones, video game limits, and the ever busy schedule of kids who like to be involved and social.

How do we balance it all and not lose ourselves and our relationships in the process?

Is Family Game Night Still a Thing?One of the things we have learned to do is prioritize our family time. We have one night of the week where we are intentional about staying home and doing something together. Recently we started borrowing games from the East Regional Lafayette Parish Library, and it has been a hit! (Check out your local branch to see what games are there, and you can see what games are available at other libraries, too!)

Recently, we got the game Superfight, and if you haven’t seen it, it is worth checking out! What Do You Meme Families is also one that we enjoy. The ridiculousness of these games had us all laughing like crazy, which is a sign of a great family night. Another game we like to play on our cell phones is called Things, which is a free app you can download. Our family gets some good laughs out of that one, too.

Is Family Game Night Still a Thing?There is something about teaching my kids to play all of those old games like dominoes and Yahtzee as well as fun card games I grew up playing like Speed, Rummy, and Spoons!

Carving out that protected time has become something that brings security and stability to our kids. Sure there are some weeks that we miss it, but when we do, it is noticeable. I’m grateful that my family of five enjoys spending time together. I know that is rare, and it is a blessing I do not want to take for granted.

Whatever it is that your family enjoys, be intentional about doing it together.

Is Family Game Night Still a Thing?

My family is by no means perfect, although I do have really great kids. My kids still bicker with each other, and they definitely know how to get on each others’ last nerve as well as ours.

There may be some bad attitudes and resistance when you first implement this kind of intentional time, but it is vital for your family to spend some time together.

Just as much as my own family unit is closer to the empty nest stage than it is the diaper stage, my own siblings and I are walking through aging parents. This is a time when we see what our parents did to bring us together, and how important it is that we are able to communicate with each other. Help your kids establish that now. You will be grateful that you made the effort to get them to spend time together laughing and growing in love for one another.

About The Author 

Bri Blakney is a Louisiana native. She and her husband Lee, who have been married for 20 years, moved to Lafayette in 2007 and worked with a campus organization at UL Lafayette until 2012. After living in Littleton, Colorado and Buras, Louisiana for 9 years, they returned to the Lafayette area to raise their three teens Bella, Brennan, and Breelee.
Bri has 14 years of teaching experience, and recently she became an Instructional Leader in LPSS. She loves hanging out with her family, reading books, serving in her local church with her family, and volunteering with the Gifting Grace Project.



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