A Thank You To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Have Kids

A Thank You To My Best Friend Who Doesn’t Have Kids

My oldest is in kindergarten at a Catholic school. On Monday, he got in the car and said he needed to choose a saint for All Saints’ Day. We spent our afternoon debating about who he should choose, and when he finally settled on someone he immediately asked to call my best friend and ask if she could help make his costume. 

This type of scenario happens a lot. He scored his first soccer goal, we called my best friend. My daughter learned a new song at daycare, we called my best friend. Their baby brother learned how to sit up, and you guessed it we called my best friend. She’s their supporter, she’s always in their corner, and they love her.

But, my best friend doesn’t have children of her own. And despite that, she has never failed to show up for us. 

So to her, and to all of the friends without kids who continue to walk with their mom friends, I say thank you. 

Thank you for loving my kids like they’re your own.

Thank you for being the first person to sit with me at my house after I had a baby, for laughing at my kids’ jokes, and always being interested in their stories. Thank you for coming into my home and ignoring the spilled applesauce and walking over the toys strewn across the floor without batting an eye. Thank you for thinking of them in the small moments of your day when you’re shopping or scrolling through reels on Instagram. Thank you for your spiritual motherhood.

A Thank You To My Best Friend Who Doesn't Have Kids

Thank you for talking on the phone with me. Even when people are screaming in the background. Even when I’m in the middle of an intense game of the floor is lava or I’m cleaning a bathroom. Even when I’m being interrupted 1000 times with requests and questions. Thank you for staying on the other end and being patient with me in the season that I’m in.

Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for continuing to journey with me even though our lives look a little different. Thank you for affirming me when I feel like I’m not a great mom and for giving me advice, even though you don’t always “get it”. Thank you for solo girls’ nights and hanging out with kids in tow. Thank you for always loving me exactly how I need to be loved.

To all of the friends without kids, remember that we love you and we need you. And one day when our kids are older and you’re carting babies around, we will do our very best to be there for you too.


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