Parc de Oaks :: The Must-Visit Food Truck Park

Parc de Oaks :: The Must-Visit Food Truck Park

I’m from South Louisiana, of course I love to eat good food! One thing I love about South Louisiana is the food; if you’re here you’re going to find something delicious to eat. I love to eat at restaurants, local grocery stores (don’t sleep on local grocery store delights), and especially food trucks! 

There are so many things that I love about food trucks, but what I love most is how good the food can be when you find the right one. Lafayette has a ton of food trucks that can be found throughout the city. It’s a thrill to locate, drive up to your favorite food truck, and order your favorite foods.

However, driving around the city searching for food trucks isn’t always something I’m able to do. Parc de Oaks has solved that problem by creating the ONLY food truck park in Lafayette, um yes please!

Parc de Oaks is designed to allow several food trucks to park and serve hungry folks like myself in one designated area. The food trucks typically serve a variety of foods, desserts, and even coffee; giving customers options. 

Parc de Oaks :: The Must-Visit Food Truck ParkIf you are hungry for breakfast, you can grab beignets from the Beignet Box. You may want coffee or a latte, you can buy something from Bayou Barista. If you are hungry for king cake or tasty egg rolls, you can purchase something from Nina Creole. You may want chicken wings and fries, you can grab something from Southern Kreole’ Cravings & Pastries. You may have a taste for shrimp tacos or swamp egg rolls, you can grab something from Fiestout (my personal favorite). These are just a few food trucks to name, Parc de Oaks always has a variety of food trucks on site to choose from. My point is, whatever you’re craving Parc de Oaks has got you covered. 

As if it couldn’t get any better, the owners of Parc de Oaks keep it clean, decorate based on the season or holiday, and maintain a family oriented environment.

They currently have Mardi Gras decorations which is so much fun. There are usually different games out, like connect four, to keep the kids entertained. 

If you love good food, you have got to visit Parc de Oaks. It’s located in Lafayette at 3302 Moss St. The park is open during the week and on weekends, you can check the Parc de Oaks Facebook page for specific hours of operations. They do a great job of keeping their Facebook page updated daily. Their page list the hours of operation, what days they’ll be open, and most importantly what food trucks will be on site. If you haven’t visited Parc de Oaks yet, today is a great day to start.


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