A Healthy Twist On Fried Rice

A Healthy Twist On Fried Rice

It’s the start of a New Year. For many it is the start of a healthy lifestyle. Many have adopted a new fitness routine and way of eating. Living in South Louisiana eating healthy is a struggle to say the least! Learning to make healthy food choices and substituting healthier options when possible are a great way to start your healthy lifestyle. Cauliflower rice has been a great rice substitute in my family’s diet.

I will admit, it is an adjustment, mostly mental. I advise that you remember that you are eating cauliflower, don’t expect it to taste like rice and you will be just fine. I have used cauliflower rice to make most of my favorite rice dishes including rice dressing, jambalaya, taco bowls red beans and rice, gumbo, and fried rice. Fried rice is by far my favorite. So of course, I am going to share with you!

Cauliflower Fried Rice

2-3 bags of frozen cauliflower rice

1 tablespoon of Sesame oil

2 Egg whites

1 Large egg

½ small onion finely diced

½ cup of frozen peas and carrots

A Healthy Twist On Fried Rice

2 Cloves of garlic minced

5 Scallions diced (whites and greens separated)

3 tablespoons of Soy Sauce (or more to taste)

Salt, onion powder, garlic powder, ginger, red pepper flakes to taste

Directions ::

Heat the cauliflower rice per the instructions on the package minus one minute.

Combine egg and egg whites in a small bowl, beat with a fork and season with salt.

Heat a large wok or sauté pan and spray with oil.

Add the eggs and cook, turning a few times until set, and then set aside.

Add the Sesame oil and sauté onions, scallion whites, peas, carrots, and garlic for about three to four minutes, or until soft.

Raise heat to medium high and add cauliflower rice.

Add the soy sauce. Mix, cover, and cool approximately five to six minutes, stirring frequently, until the cauliflower is slightly crispy.

Add the egg then remove from heat and mix in scallion greens

Season to taste.

A Few Tips

When I make this dish, I add chopped mushrooms and spinach. I sometimes add diced chicken or shrimp. You can add whatever veggie and protein you would like. If you are gluten free replace the soy sauce with Tamari and use coconut aminos for a Paleo/Whole 30 version. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless!

I hope this recipe gives you some ideas on how you can kick of your New Year in the healthiest way possible. Bon Appetite!

Torilyn Williams
Torilyn Williams is a Louisiana native, born and raised in New Orleans. She moved to Lafayette to attend UL Lafayette, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Life Sciences. Tori is blessed to be the wife of her ambitious and hardworking husband, Damian. The devoted mom of Tatum Marie (6) and Aubrey Malia (5) and bonus mom to Damian Jr. (20). Tori has been working in the banking industry for over fifteen years. She is a member of Junior League Lafayette. Tori has a heart for volunteerism, she loves to give back to the community and mentor the youth. Tori is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to chronicle her food adventures on Instagram (@Dashofwilliams). Outside of work you can find Tori spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying new recipes, and working out. Tori is always down for a good meal with family or a shopping trip!


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