These {Affordable} Designer Inspired Sunnies Keep Busy Moms On-Trend!

Disclosure :: Alix Allure sponsored this review, but we had over 5 local moms test these sunglasses to be sure we’d recommend them … and recommend them, we do!

Busy Moms :: Listen Up!

While racing around town in your yoga gear, making your grocery runs, running carpool, or toting your toddler, don’t let yourself fall into the sclumpadink fashion of many overwhelmed moms. It’s easy to do, but it’s also easy to snap out of! How, you ask? Carry a great bag and throw on a pair of celeb-inspired sunglasses with some lip gloss to elevate yourself from feeling “blah” to feeling fabulous.

Sunglasses are a simple way to make a statement and heighten confidence, especially if you choose a pair from the list of top sunglass styles and colors for 2018. If you are unsure of what those shapes and colors are, check out our friends at Alix Allure. 

At very reasonable prices, Alix Allure offers cat-eyes, flat top, tinted lenses and wired round styles that top the list of 2018 spring cat-walk styles.

Many Pairs of Sunglasses Trump One

It is a morning miracle if the kids and I get out the door with everything we need for the day. Gathering backpacks, fighting over which socks to wear, collecting lunch boxes, science projects, tennis rackets, yoga mats and remembering my phone can really slow me down. For this reason, I personally like to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, in my purse, in my tennis bag and even in my husband’s truck.

There are just too many things to juggle to worry about my sunglasses. Plus, I have been known to drop or leave them right in the crossfires of my children’s feet on the car floorboard, which always leads to sunglasses disaster. The broken glasses sound, “crunch,” to the tune of $300 designer sunglasses is not a melodious one. Hence, I need several pair of affordable, trendy sunnies that are also well made to stash everywhere. The Alix Allure line fits the bill; the styles are on point, their sunglasses feel luxurious and major bonus for that fact that they have many oversized options to hide your tired eyes and naked lashes. Hide behind those babies and slay your day!

Cat-eyes, flat top and tinted lenses top the list of 2018 sunglass trends. Alix Allure has got you covered. Instead of choosing one pair, why not own all three? Never be without the simple fashion accessory that will take you from feeling flat to feeling festive and fashion-forward.

If you you would like to treat yourself or friend to a pair of Alix Allure sunglasses and bags, use code “LMB25” to save 25% off all Alix Eyewear styles.

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