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Disclosure :: Bombas sponsored this post, but when every woman on our team who tries a product likes it, we are 100% confident that it’s one our readers need to know about!

Bombas – Solving Workout Woes

I’ve been a long time cheap sock girl and a long time nice sock thief. My husband has run marathons in the past and has amassed himself a nice little drawer of decent socks. 

One of my biggest problems with working out is that my feet hurt. No matter what shoes and socks I buy, the end result is that my toes are cramped, my arch doesn’t feel supported, and I’ve just got a foot full of general woe. 

Enter Bombas! The story was different with these; I seriously went running and immediately noticed how my toes felt. My arch was even supported well. When I got home I had zero foot pain and even at night when the foot aches creep back in … nothing. What?!

Socks for the Whole Family

Bombas carries an extensive line of socks, everything for men and women ranging from ankle running socks to half calf and even knee high, light weight and ski socks. There are fun patterns AND plain, stripes and leopard. You can’t find a sock that this company doesn’t produce!

As far as the childrens socks go, they have everything to meet your family’s needs. There are a variety of length and colors made for at home weekend fun, as well as the solid color socks to meet school uniform guidelines. 

So you love your Bombas running socks and wish you could wear them to work? They also have dress socks. See? There isn’t a day or occasion that Bombas can’t meet.

Now my toddler isn’t the best speaker, but I can promise you that if my husband and I love how these socks feel, then the little one is bound to be feeling the foot comfort as well. 

What LAFMB Moms are Saying About Bombas ::

“As a girl with obnoxiously high arches, these socks leave me feeling supported and wrapped in comfort. They’re my new favorite running buddy!” – Stephanie

I have run hundreds of miles in dozens of pairs of socks, and Bombas stand out for their comfort, durability, wash-ability, and staying power. I imagine I’ll be running in mine for hundreds of miles to come. – Ashley

“The honeycomb around the arch is so supportive! I love the colors and the philosophy of buy one give one. Such a generous company!” – Amanda

A Company that Gives Back

Like many socially aware companies, Bombas gives a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair you purchase. The best part? The donated socks aren’t going to some remote part of the world (not that they don’t need our help as well), but Bombas is helping people in need right here in our own country. 

The first thing you see on their website under the Giving Back tab is that socks are the most requested item at homeless shelters. So far they’ve donated over 7,000,000 pairs of socks in the United States. Isn’t that incredible?!

What I find even more interesting is that they don’t donate the socks we are buying off of their website. Nope, Bombas specifically and thoughtfully designed a sock for people who don’t have the luxury of putting on a clean pair every day. The socks they donate have a special anti-microbial treatment so they don’t need to be cleaned as often and are designed with reinforced seams for longer wear. 

So if you prefer to support American made companies that give back … here’s your chance. 

Join the Sock Revolution! 

I’ll be ordering more Bombas socks for our family very soon, especially for myself. Mama needs good socks. So join the LAFMB ladies (who are loving their socks) and order yourself a pair too! 

If you would like to order Bombas socks for you and your family use code NOLAMOM for 20% off your first order. 

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