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My kids were never great sleepers. My first had reflux and colic and my husband and I would drive him all over Lafayette trying to get him to sleep. My second slept a little better, but it seemed as soon as he had a good nap schedule, he was already ready to drop it. It is a dreadful transition time. They fall asleep in the car at the most inopportune times, like your arrival to the grocery store. I began to search out every drive through version of my usual errands.

When I discovered the library drive through, I knew I had found a hidden gem.

One day, when requesting help from a librarian, she asked if I ever used their app. I had never heard of it. Friends, I want to let you in on a little secret. You have the most amazing free services at your disposal, and you don’t even know it yet.

The Lafayette Library System has come a long way, their modern system is more than just story time and old books. My first tip is to download the app: Lafayette Public Library Mobile. If you already have a library card you can start right away. If not, what are you waiting for? Go in or apply online. It is free!

Using the library app is easy. You can find the book you are looking for and put it on hold at any of their locations. You are able to see which location currently has it and put it on hold there, or if you can wait a day, put it on hold at the library most convenient to you. When you get a notification, just drive through and pick it up! You may also go inside and pick up your book in the hold section.

I often go with a theme and check out many books for my kids this way. This fall I looked up picture books about pumpkins, leaves, Halloween, soccer, and football. I also look for things pertaining to what is going on in their lives, or something they are struggling with that a book might help them work through like starting a new school, being afraid of the dark, etc. We also enjoy going in and browsing, but if my little one has fallen asleep or if one is sick it is more convenient to use the drive through!

For myself, as soon as I hear of a new book that is out I will put it on hold. I never buy books anymore; I just check them out. Instead of going straight to amazon, go to your app and put it on hold! They have movies too! After hearing all about the TV show This is Us, I checked out the series and binge watched it over a week until I was ready for the latest premier.

I often put movies on hold for the kids for long drives. They have an enormous kids’ collection of shows and movies. If we are planning a trip to the beach with a six-hour drive, I will add movies to my normal book pick up. Just drive through and pick them up on the way out of town.

You prefer digital books, you say? Use Overdrive (on the app)!

They also have Libby, an app through Overdrive to check out audiobooks (keep this in mind for road trips).

Another awesome service they have is providing museum family passes. You can check them out just like a book. They are available for five different local museums. This is a great way to try out the museum and discover that it is indeed possible to bring your three year old, and that you want to visit them again!

Do you love to have everything monogrammed? Our library’s “Makerspace” has a Cricut! Yes, it’s true, and a librarian will help! They also have a 3D printer if you and/or your child want to make something. For instance, you could make a small 3D skeleton to learn the bones of the body (or decorate for Halloween). They even have a sewing machine! Each library has their own Makerspace with limited equipment. They often have reservations and specialized hours, but it is free to use. You can check out their website for more details.

They have LEGO clubs, book clubs for adults and teens, story time and occasional art classes for kids, and a plethora of other services. Go check it out!

Jennifer Heitman
Jennifer is a Texas native turned Louisiana transplant. She and her wonderful husband, Cole, have two honorary Cajun boys: Henry (6) and Max (3). She is a proud graduate of the University of Texas (Hook 'Em!) and loves shocking Tiger fans everywhere with her Texas Longhorn clothing. She loves to travel and be outdoors, especially on the water! When she is not wrangling her little boys, she can be found trying a new workout or reading a new book, and drinking far too many Diet Dr. Peppers.


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