My Husband Is An Amazing Gift Giver And You Can Be Too!

My Husband Is An Amazing Gift Giver And You Can Be Too!

Shortly after Christmas, I met with several friends for a kid-free morning hangout at a local coffee shop. We sat at a large, circular table – everyone was able to see each other easily and carry on adult conversations without toddlers pulling on our legs, babies crying, or big kids acting wild nearby. We sipped on special coffees and took bites of special breakfast orders.

As moms and friends, it’s a treat to simply be together.

The conversation shifts to Christmas. I asked one friend if she got anything in particular for Christmas. One by one, many friends chime in that honestly, they ordered their own gift off of Amazon or they didn’t really receive anything worth mentioning. 

One friend did take note of a picture I posted online. 

“Allison, I saw you got some slippers. Did you ask for them?” 

“Kind of. I told (my husband) that I wanted slippers that wouldn’t make my feet hot.” 

“Oh yeah, I hate that!” 

I go on to explain that upon my request, my husband researched slippers for me that wouldn’t make my feet hot. He ordered a few different pairs. A few weeks before Christmas, he sat me down and blindfolded me. He put each pair of slippers on my feet and had me test out how they felt. While still blindfolded, I told him which ones felt the best. He mailed the other slippers back, and the ones I picked blindfolded were the ones he wrapped and gave me for Christmas.

All eyes were on me as I told the quick story. Looks of shock, approval, and awe surrounded me.  

“Wow! That’s amazing. He did all of that to have them ready for Christmas? So the slippers were still a surprise even though you picked them. That’s so thoughtful!”

I felt so proud of my husband in that moment. He IS a great gift-giver, and in the simple story I shared with my friends, that characteristic really shined. He truly does take time, care, and thoughtfulness to choose meaningful gifts for the people in his life. This thoughtfulness is extended not only to me, but to our children, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers. 

My Husband Is An Amazing Gift Giver And You Can Be Too!

Upon request, my husband shared some practical and helpful tips to help the rest of us become amazing gift-givers as well! 

Know Your Person

Pay attention to what they like and need: My husband will take note of items that are well-used and loved by others, but could use a replacement or upgrade. He also looks for items that could make that person’s life easier, more aesthetically appealing, or more functional. 

For my mother-in-law who drinks tea daily, for her birthday we gifted her a matching marbled tea set that is both beautiful and functional for daily use! On many occasions, my dad has been gifted replacements for items he uses often, such as tools or work gloves. 

Know their personality and love language: Some people do not like physical gifts, but appreciate other acts of thoughtfulness such as acts of service or quality time. In some seasons, your loved one may love a consumable idea such as a meal kit, or going out to do an activity together to have quality time. 

For Valentine’s Day this year, our daughters received small Valentine’s baskets with a small Squishmallow, coloring book, and chocolate heart. We also made Valentine-themed popcorn together and built a fort for family movie night. Our daughters love both gifts and quality time, so this was special to them.

Do Your Research and Plan

Know the gift time frames and plan accordingly: The receiver of the gift will feel special and important if their gift is on time! Plan accordingly and order or purchase the gift with plenty of time to spare with shipping time, if applicable. 

Buy during sales: My husband often orders gifts early during online sales or big sale days such as Black Friday or Amazon Prime Days. Knowing your person plays into this step so you know what type of gifts you are looking for.

Look around different places: Don’t limit your gift-buying to Amazon or Target. The best item may come from a specialty store or website. My husband often uses Wirecutter to determine the best brand, type, or price for a particular gift idea.

One of the most beautiful parts about gift-giving is that it can make our loved ones feel truly seen and known. Use these practical tips to show love and thoughtfulness to the people you care for the most!

Allison Gregory-Graff
Allison is a mom to two precious girls, Leigh and Rhylan, and a wife to Ian. They live together in Lafayette, Louisiana. Allison graduated from UL in Elementary Education, and has been working in the education system since 2013. Her daughters are constantly teaching her that motherhood is the greatest and most challenging gift that she will spend a lifetime trying to figure out. You can frequently find Allison arranging play dates (and mom dates) for herself and her girls, drinking coffee, reading, trying to squeeze in time for a creative outlet, and enjoying her husband’s cooking!


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