Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

We recently hosted a joint birthday party for our 4-year-old and 1-year-old. This was the first time that our oldest actually had an opinion about the theme of her birthday party. Luckily, I loved her theme idea!

Several months before her birthday, she made an announcement out of seemingly nowhere: “For my birthday, I want to have a princess party, with a princess cake and princess balloons!”

I loved her idea! I knew ahead of time that I would probably combine her and her sister’s parties, and the princess theme was also cute for a baby girl’s first birthday party!

We set out to host the perfect (but simple!) princess-themed party for our princesses. Here is some guidance when planning a princess party of your own! 


Decorations don’t have to be fancy– themed plates, cups, tablecloths, a banner, and cake toppers that showcase your princess theme are great! 

Make a Magic Wand craft

At any party or big gathering that I host, I always like to pre-plan an open-ended activity or craft for the kids to participate in. These wooden magic wands were perfect! The girls enjoyed designing, coloring, and bejeweling their wands. 

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

Create a Princess sticker sheets

These “Create a Face” princess sticker sheets are so engaging for all ages! Many different-aged children enjoyed creating a princess with the stickers. Amazon has “Create a Face” stickers for almost any party theme or holiday you can imagine (think princesses, superheroes, Baby Shark, animals, mermaids, Mario, Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

Princess Tattoos

I learned from another friend’s birthday party that themed temporary tattoos are a cheap and easy crowd-pleaser! Tattoos, a towel, and a bowl of water are all that is needed for an easy tattoo station! Again, temporary tattoos can be found for any party theme on Amazon!

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

Invite a Princess!

We invited Rapunzel from Acadiana Princess Parties to our party! Rapunzel read a story to the guests, gave princess lessons, conducted a coronation ceremony for the birthday girls, and made time to talk to each guest at the party!

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess PartyPrincess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

Time to Play!

The most important part of the party is that your child has time to play with their friends. Be sure to provide plenty of time at your party that is not designated to any particular activity, and allow the kids to play and have fun with each other! Those will be the best memories beyond even the best-planned crafts, decorations, or special activities.

Gifts – to open or not to open?

Make a decision on if your child will open gifts at the party, or later when all of the guests leave. We personally decided to open gifts after the party so that our birthday girls could enjoy the time with their friends. We also considered the fact that opening so many gifts could have been overwhelming and overstimulating for our girls. You may decide that you want your child to open gifts at the party so they can practice thanking the gift-giver in person!


We decided to go the easy route with food this year: Costco pizza, fruit bowl, veggie tray, individual chip bags, bottled water, and juice boxes. As you can see, none of these food items are very princess-themed. (In my defense, last year I threw my oldest a tea party birthday party and went pretty all out with the tea party food!) As the host, you get to decide what you would like to provide your guests! Go easy or go all out, it’s up to you!

It’s Fun to Dress Up!

The birthday girls themselves wore princess dresses, and many of my daughters’ friends also wore princess dresses for the occasion! We also had several family members decide to dress up as other characters. My mom and aunts as fairy godmothers facilitated the craft stations at the party, which ended up being a special touch to make the craft stations extra fun! It was also so fun to see all the little girls running around in princess dresses. 

Princess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess PartyPrincess Power :: Hosting The Perfect Princess Party

The most important part of any birthday party is that the birthday child feels loved and valued by the people in their life. Follow your child’s lead and utilize your strengths in party planning to organize something special for your child’s day!

Allison Gregory-Graff
Allison is a mom to two precious girls, Leigh and Rhylan, and a wife to Ian. They live together in Lafayette, Louisiana. Allison graduated from UL in Elementary Education, and has been working in the education system since 2013. Her daughters are constantly teaching her that motherhood is the greatest and most challenging gift that she will spend a lifetime trying to figure out. You can frequently find Allison arranging play dates (and mom dates) for herself and her girls, drinking coffee, reading, trying to squeeze in time for a creative outlet, and enjoying her husband’s cooking!


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