Setting the “Trend” in Your Home :: Fall / Winter Edition

Calling all TRENDSETTERS !

Seasons are changing and that means so does the decor in our homes. I know, this is where a lot of you are thinking “What, I’m supposed to change the decor in my home with each season (gasp, enter shocked face emoji here).” Don’t panic, I don’t mean it’s a requirement to be the cool mom / wife. I don’t live that life. Here’s what I really mean. Daily happenings of our home life can often lead to us feeling disappointed in ourselves for not keeping up with the trends. The truth is, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a mom who works outside of the home, we all want our home space to feel fresh and new! There’s just something about seasons changing that breathes new life into each of us. Don’t despair. It’s not impossible to add a little life with a few simple changes or additions around your home as the seasons come and go.

But Where Do I Start?

Don’t fret mommas! You don’t have to be the trendiest person on the block to jump start the next season. Start from the outside in by adding pops of color in your flower bed, whatever is manageable for you. Think fall colors like shades of orange, yellow, and purple. You can also add an easy DIY scenery using hay bales, lanterns, decorative pumpkins in a variety of neutral shades (think ivory, white, gold, tan). Check out my pinterest board for some fun and festive ideas. You can always shop the larger retail stores that are famous for seasonal shopping. There is no shortage of options. I suggest shopping your local, small business owners first. You’re more likely to find unique items and may even have the option to personalize your selection! Bearly Bayou has some of the easiest options around, crafting unique door hangers that can really be used anywhere in your home. You can follow her on Facebook and shop her Etsy store here.



Decorating does not have to break the bank. Throw pillows, blankets, and wreaths are all go to, reusable items that take only minutes to put in place. A floral centerpiece can rock your world, and your home! It could be a live piece you’ve purchased or personally created or even an artificial piece. Whatever floats your boat. These ideas are not meant to take a world of time or cost a large amount of money. Two things we could all use a little more of at this time of year! If you are the crafty type, you can grab a few blooms from your favorite grocery stores floral department and get creative.

I love a good trend but don’t have a lot of time to keep up with it all. Think warm and cozy and don’t over do it. Add 2-3 items to the main living areas of your home, throw in a few fall / winter scents and sit back and relax. For me, fall and winter, beg us to cozy up and relax. This year, do yourself a favor and minimize the fuss in this season. Go for simple touches that will create the vibe you desire and use the rest of your time to enjoy the pleasures of life that come with seasonal changes. 

Lashonda Rochon
Lashonda is a passionate, big dreaming, crafty, fashion loving, career oriented, lover of Christ, wife and mother! Currently she and her husband, Brandon, along with their three sons, live in Lafayette. A graduate of UL Lafayette and a Realtor by profession, Lashonda is committed to being part of the growth of Lafayette through community action and involvement that will help shape the area for years to come. Both personally and professionally, her main goal is not to achieve perfection, but to win in life with grace (for others and herself), gratitude, and love! She believes though life may be hard, messy, and seemingly impossible at times, there is always beauty in the ashes. She finds it awesome and challenging to mother three wild and crazy boys and wouldn't give up being their mom for anything in the world.


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