Target: Popcorn Store, No More!

Jackson, my 4-year-old, likes to think of himself as a popcorn connoisseur. At home, we buy those big bags of Skinny Pop to munch on during a Netflix movie or have as a lunchtime snack. But his preferred popcorn of choice has always been the Target Café popcorn.

“Mama, Popcorn Store please” he would say if we were out and about running errands and saw the lit-up big red Target sign. There were quite a few instances where he randomly asked to go to the popcorn store while we were sitting at home too. Sometimes I obliged him and made a pit stop “just” to get popcorn! We might have ended up with a cart full of stuff too but this post is about our addiction to Target’s popcorn! The shopping addiction is another post altogether. Fellow mamas can relate am I right?

The Beginning of the End

During the beginning of the pandemic, more and more stores offered curbside pick up. Target was no exception. We utilize Target’s drive-up service very regularly. So do a lot of other people and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. The convenience alone is worth every penny. So naturally, the more the service is being used the more space Target needs for these items to be stored before you and I pick them up. However, they used the area where the café was! Jackson is still very upset about this because it means no more popcorn at the ambassador location.

Now what?

While it’s not convenient for us, the Target on Louisiana Ave still has a cafe and we got our popcorn fix a few days ago. But, because that location isn’t a Super Target, we will continue to use the Ambassador location.

We aren’t thrilled though! So NOT thrilled that I even created a petition for funzies! If you feel inclined to sign it please do so. You can find it here. I want to know how many other target popcorn fans there are.

And in the meantime, you can find us bringing our own popcorn to Target on Ambassador like crazy (but genius) people!

Marissa Winters
Marissa has lived in Lafayette since 2014 and quickly fell in love with Louisiana culture, community spirit and the amazing food!! Marissa is the Director of Healthy Acadiana at the United Way of Acadiana and loves to be the helper. Marissa has a 5 year old named Jackson and absolutely loves being his Mama. Follow along with them as they navigate the waters of school, co-parenting, and so much more.


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